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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Chores! A Rancher Girl Dislike

It's winter!
Not a favorite time of year, for this Rancher Girl!
It's cold!  The wind blows from the north!  It's damp, some days.. others, it's dry!
My skin is dry!  My hands crack!
My ears get cold!  I hate coats!

But I am a Rancher Girl, so I must suck it up and take care of business.

Because Flower Boy and I have day jobs, we have to do chores in the evening.

We have to chop ice, so the girls can drink.

We have to feed round bales, so the girls can keep warm.
This process takes the longest.
Cut the net wrap.
Drop the bale.
Remove the net wrap.
Girls wait patiently.
Drop the hay ring.
Pet the girls and tell them "Hello"!

We have to feed cubes (cake), so the girls have protein.
 Some of girls have to be told, "Get out of the cake spout!"
Feeding "cake" is the easy part. 
There is a switch and stop watch in the truck. 
While driving, flip the switch, start the clock, "cake" comes out of the feeder, stop the clock, flip the switch. 
Then it's off to the next pasture.

By the time we make it to the last pasture, we are choring in the dark.
It is hard to get a good look at the cattle in the dark.  We keep a charged spotlight in the truck.
Our girls are due to start calving in a few weeks and should calve through March. 

NOTE:  Truth be told... Flower Boy does all the work.  I set in the truck.  He spoils me like that.

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