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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
We chose a Dual Fuel Heat Pump option, for several reasons.  
One being, our electric provider offers a major rebate!  The rebate is very close to the cost of the Dual Fuel option on the unit.
The other reasons, I'm not sure.  HVAC is not my department.  It is Flower Boy's.
Our research found:
"Dual-fuel heat pumps are effective in regions where the winter temperature is usually above freezing (allowing the heat pump to be used much of the time) but can occasionally drop below freezing, when the gas furnace provides heat more economically. Combining the two, offers the benefits of both systems."
We live in a region described above.
Our unit has been placed in the attic.  This is a space saver for us.  Apparently, our builder places most units in the attic for his clients.
I've been told, we won't hear the unit AT ALL!
Sorry, no photos... I'm afraid of heights.
All of the duct work is being done in "hard pipe" or sheet metal.  
Flower Boy requested this be done.  It provides better air movement and varmints can't chew through it.
Remember, we live in the country.  Varmints live there too.
These are the vents.

This is the sheet metal.

The sheet metal is formed into these tubes.

And covered with insulation.
Then connected together.  Running from the unit to the vents.
It looks like a spider web, up there.

There will be an outside unit placed, as well.  It is the air exchanger.
Again, something I know nothing about.
Maybe, Flower Boy should have written this post?

THIS has also been installed...
I can't wait to start a fire, set in my chair and read a book!
Very Soon... Very Very Soon...
Today, we are 53 days into the build.  The builder told us, "Give me 120 days.  I can have you in a house, in less than that, if we don't have weather." 

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