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Monday, January 28, 2013

All Covered UP!

Our walls got covered up this weekend!

Just as I was finishing up Friday's post, I received an update from Drewman.
There were workers everywhere!

The floors were being covered with paper, to protect them, from this weeks activity.

Every square inch of the slab, that will be stained, was covered.

Saturday, the insulation guys arrived!
They caulked and sealed around the windows, the base plates, the headers, and any place air could get in, from the outside.

Then they covered the walls with mesh material.

Making sure to staple it to every stud, base plate and header.
Staples fired out of that gun so fast, this wall was completed before I could snap another picture!

Next, they filled the walls with insulation.

Fill the bottom portion of the wall...

Flip the hose...

Fill the top portion of the wall..

 All FULL!

Batts were placed in the ceiling.
After the sheetrock is up, there will be more insulation blown into the ceiling.

Speaking of sheetrock...  It arrived Friday TOO!

and Stacks!

Princess Sheba thinks it is her throne.

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