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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Posts! Corners and Tees

Remember this ongoing fencing project?
This past weekend, we found some time to do more work.

We worked on corner posts...

Corners are where two pieces of the fence meet.  One running one direction - One running the other.
It allows stability for both directions of the fence.
3 posts form the corner.

Flower Boy welds up the braces.
There is the corner!

My job, as the welders helper, was to watch for fire and provide the welder - Flower Boy, and the torch operator - Drewman, with the materials needed, to do their job.
As I snapped this picture, Drewman was yelling "MOM!!  MOM!!!!!"  
You can only imagine, we now have a real fear of fire!

My job gets even more stressful when both the torch and the welder are operating simultaneously.

Tee posts were also set...

Drewman and Willard lined up the post along the line, of wire stretched here.

They pound the posts.
Willard is a neighbor, but is also one of Drewman's best friends.
I wonder how Drewman would have made it through these past months without Willard.
He is a GREAT young man!
We enjoy having him hang out at our house.
In a past post, I told you, the goal was to have all the posts in a straight line.
Do you see any posts?

There is an entire string of them, all the way to the next corner!

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