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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Did I Tell You?

Did I tell you, our job is clean up?

Clean up was one way, for us, to cut costs in the building budget.  It was a no brainer when the builder asked us, if this was an option.  We do live 5 feet from the building site!

Picking up after the crews hasn't been that difficult. 
Drewman comes home from school and picks up around the house, if there are no crews there, when he arrives. This is one way he keeps fuel in his truck.  You could say he works for fuel. :-)

We pick up a little each evening, after the crews leave or on weekends.

The framing crew always put the scrap into piles, for us to carry away.
Because our area is no longer in a burn ban, we are able to burn the scrap materials.
We are careful to call the fire department, notifying them, we will be burning.  We also have the water hose handy, in case the fire gets out of control.  Fear comes over us each time we light the fire!  Flower Boy and I are certain to not leave the fire, making sure to burn after dark, when there is no wind.  It does make for a nice camp fire and a relaxing evening, for the two of us.  One could call it a date!

There has even been some materials we could salvage for future projects around the ranch.
 Possible shelving in a barn, form boards for concrete slabs to hold waters, or even framing materials for a shed.

There wasn't much material to be sent back to the building supply store.  The returned materials will be credited against our windows.  It's a win - win situation for us.  We are thankful the crews have been sparing in their waste.

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