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Friday, January 25, 2013

Slow but Steady

This week has been one of those slow but steady weeks. 
Not a lot happening, but a lot being accomplished.

The electrician has completed all the rough in electric.
Last Friday morning, Flower Boy, the Builder, the Electrician and myself, walked through the house laying out all the places we wanted lights, switches, plugs, TV and Internet access.

During this walk through, I really got a feel for the layout of our kitchen, dining and living room.
I was so excited, I convinced Flower Boy to go furniture shopping!
Monday was MLK Day, both Flower Boy and I had the day off.
We headed to the city to look at furniture.  I had been in the city a week or so earlier, so I had a game plan.
I direct Flower Boy to the Santa Fe Company.  We walk in the door and the lady says "Weren't you here last week?"  I smiled and said "Yes!"  I told her, on my first trip, I would have to bring Flower Boy back.
We chose to go with Waller living room furniture.
We had a Waller couch in the old house and loved it!
The best part, about purchasing this type of furniture, is you are able to choose the coverings.
You can totally customize your furniture.
Flower Boy and I had a blast!
I can't wait for you to see what we chose.

Our doors have also been installed.
The front door is a simple construction door, for now.
This is the patio door in the dining room.
Flower Boy and Drewman enjoy playing with the blinds that are between the glass.

The other doors are just plain ole doors.

The garage door has been ordered and should install soon.
I think the weekend will be buzzing with activity.  Drewman just called me with an update!

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