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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bip Bap Bop

Our shingles and roofing materials arrived late last week.

Drewman said the supplier stacked them on the roof, with a conveyor truck.  He didn't take pictures!  Sorry, we missed it.

We chose Weathered Wood as our shingle color.
We think it will contrast nicely, with the Cromwell Brick color and trim colors, we have chosen.

There was one, single, worker applying the shingles, to our house.  He did the shingling "Old School".
All driven by hand, with a roofing hatchet!
It took several days for him to complete the job.
 We didn't much mind.  Doing the work "Old School" assures us, the nails weren't driven through the materials and the shingles weren't broken, by the amount of pressure driven by a nail gun.
I liked hearing the sound of the Bip Bap Bop, all weekend.

The roof was completed Tuesday afternoon, just in time for the rain to start!  We won't have to sweep water out of our house.  And Flower Boy won't be getting a text saying "Our house is full of water!"

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