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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Woobie:  Something very precious and snuggly, providing comfort and contentment.

Before the fire, we had several woobies.  I had a quilt made by my Great Granny B.  She died when she was in her 100's.  I curled up in it every evening, while on the couch watching tv. 
I also had one of my Daddy's old welding shirts.  Flower Boy went into the house the night of the fire and saved it for me!

Drewman had a quilt made by our Granny B.  It was the blanket on his bed.

These woobies were very special to us.  They made us feel safe and secure.  They reminded us of wonderful memories, scents, and emotions.

Both of my boys had woobies when they were little.  Each had a blanket made by a special aunt and stuffed animals given to each of them, at a defined time in their lives.  The boys carried these woobies with them everywhere and would never sleep without them.  It was difficult for them when their woobies had to be washed.  (shhhh.... don't tell them I told you)

 Since the Daze After the Fire, we have been blessed with several new woobies!

This one was left, in the seat of one of our vehicles, the week after the fire.  It was given to us by the ladies quilting guild of the Christ Lutheran Church, in our home town.

I want to embroider the date and quilting guild name on a corner. 

 This one was quilted by an old family friend.  Doris and Ronnie were great friends of my Daddy's.  Doris has watched me grow up.  I still keep in contact with her and her family.  I love them with all my heart and know they will always be there whenever needed.

These next two were given to us by one of my high school friends.  She and her family have blessed us with so many prayers, good deeds and gifts since the fire.
Flower Boy and I fight over this woobie!

Drewman sleeps with his.  It was made extra long because Drewman is 6'5".

This next one was given to Drewman by our special aunt.  It is so soft and snuggly! 

I have another quilt that my Granny B had made for us.  I don't have a photo to place here, yet.  We have stored it in a container until the house is finished.  It will be our bedspread.  Be watching for it when I give the final tour of our new home.  Don't you just love the suspense? I DO!

There was a container that was saved from the fire.  This container held both of my boy's woobies from when they were children!  Along with their woobies, there were some old quilt squares.  I wasn't sure about the origin of these squares, but gave them to our special aunt.  I asked if she would be able to make something from them.  I remembered, Granny B had given them to me, years ago.  My aunt said she thought these were squares from Great Granny B, the one who died in her 100s.  Well... Turns out, some of the material, in the squares, are the same material, in a bonnet, my aunt has that was Great Granny B's!

Do you, your children, or anyone else in your family have woobies?

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