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Friday, March 1, 2013


Everyone knows there are four seasons in a year.
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
A season is a subdivision of the year, marked by changes in weather and hours of daylight.

In the ranching world, we have added a few more seasons.
My favorite ranching season is

We have a set of heifers that started calving a few weeks ago.
We currently have nine babies in that pasture.
I adore this sight!
It's like watching the sun rise and set.
Each evening I rush home, so I can go with Flower Boy, to do chores.
If I'm not able to go, my first question when he walks in is, "Did we have any babies?"

These little guys are so stinking cute!

During a snow storm early this week, I wanted to bring all the babies home and let them live in the mobile home with us.
Their momma's take really good care of them.
We had a baby born last week just as the first snow hit.
I asked Flower Boy, "Do you think he will be ok?"
"Yes", Flower Boy says, "His momma will keep him in the trees."

I've been a Rancher Girl all my life.
It is the life, I know, I am meant to live.
I have stories of when I was a kid, freezing, doing chores.
Stories of heifers having babies and not caring for them.
Stories of babies being born and falling into the ponds.
Stories of babies being born with birth defects.
Stories of My Daddy's entire heard being wiped out by Brucellosis.

But the stories I remember most and the memories that are engrained in my heart are those of babies being born!
It is seldom that we are able to watch a momma give birth.
When we do, it is a sight we never forget.
The miracle of life is an awesome thing!

We worry about the pasture of heifers.
Heifers are 2 year old girls that know nothing about being a momma!
I can somewhat relate.
I was young when I gave birth to our Big Boy.

There are several problems that could arise with first calf heifers.
The first being calving difficulty.
Followed by the heifer not claiming her calf, the calf not nursing, milk production (not enough or teats to large), predators and new mommas hate people.

Flower Boy does a great job of conditioning our girls so they aren't to fat to calve.
We have chosen bulls, to breed our heifers, that have low birth weight stats.
We spend plenty of time with our girls, so when they do calve, they aren't afraid when we check out their baby.
The other problems, they just come with ranch life.
It happens.
You lose some.
Even when you do everything right.
It happens.

We have been very blessed and haven't had many problems or losses.
Flower Boy keeps a close eye on our girls.
Often times checking them via spotlight to make sure all is well.

These are the benefits of our ranch labor.
Their momma's, too!

Last evening, our older girls started calving.
Those girls are three.
They had their first babies last year.
We sold those babies in the fall.
                                        Baby selling season is not a season I look forward too.
But until then, I will enjoy what God has given us, in CALVING SEASON!

Happy Rancher Girl!

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