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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pulling It All Together

Being down to the final stages of construction, it is time to pull it all together.
All the sinks and lighting have to be in the house.
All the plumbing fixtures have to be chosen.
Final details are being completed.

I found a kitchen sink, by the way.
I went with a simple double bowl stainless steel undermount sink.
I kept going back to the same sink, with that little voice saying...
"I know I am the old standby.
I have always treated you right.
I don't stain.
I don't scratch.
You like the way I look and the way I clean up."
How could I say NO to that?
Besides, all the kitchen appliances are stainless.

Plumbing Fixtures are another story.
Although we have most of the sink fixtures, we still need the showers, kitchen sink and utility sink fixtures.
We just thought we were a head of the game.
We've picked what we want.
It is now in the builders hands to tell us if we are within budget.

While making the final tally on the lighting fixtures, we are short vanity lights for our bathroom.
The light fixture for the dining room.
Flower Boy knows the exact fixture he wants there.
I'm happy with his choice.
We are having a difficult time finding that perfect bathroom lighting.
It's kind of like the "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" issue.
We have looked everywhere and nothing screams
This weekend will be our deadline to find the fixtures, as the electrician will be in next week to finish up.

We have laid out the tile for our shower and back splash.
It's a simple, yet RANCHY look.
Now, we just wait for the tile guy to show and do his job.

Countertops should be poured this week.
Electric service to the house next week.
HVAC and propane to be connected, as well.
Sinks, tub and toilets get set soon, with water and sewage connections to follow.

We only have a few weeks to pull it all together before move in!
We still have two floors to complete!
We better get crackin!

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