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Friday, February 15, 2013

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Last week, Flower Boy and Drewman's sinks arrived.
Flower Boy has made comments, referring to me and the new house construction, like "She is a kid in a candy store" or " She's giddy".
You should have seen these two when they opened their boxes!

Here's a look at Flower Boy's sink.

My sink was salvaged from the fire.
Excuse the bad photo...
My bathroom, in the old house, was under construction, during the time My Daddy got sick, and was never finished.
When the house fire occurred, several of the bathroom items weren't destroyed, due to the firemen pushing a pike pole through the bathroom wall and closing the bathroom door.
Strange... but True...
I'm thankful!
I really liked the items I had picked out for that bathroom.
Not to mention, it has saved us money with the new construction.

Looking at my sink and then Flower Boy's sink, don't you think they will make a nice contrast setting on top of a 6 foot vanity?
I DO!!
There will be a clear definition of Male and Female Sinks.

This sink belongs to Drewman.
Drewman's sink will have an oil rubbed bronze faucet.
The faucet has been reclaimed from my cousins log cabin.
It didn't work with their style, but it sure does work with ours!
Thanks Tonya!

In the utility, there will be a large utility sink installed. 
We haven't picked that one out yet, but we are thinking a simple deep stainless steel tub will work.

This leaves us with the kitchen sink.
I just can't find what I want.
I don't know what I want, is more the statement!
I can't ascertain that PERFECT kitchen sink!
That kitchen sink that screams "HERE I AM!  I AM THE ONE!"
I know it will jump at me when I find it.
Still Searching...

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