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Monday, February 4, 2013


We haven't had internet service since the fire.
We have been burning up data, on our phones, like crazy.
Cell phone reception in the mobile home isn't very powerful, so we use quite a bit of data for a moment or two of internet time.
The internet provider guys have gotten us reconnected!
In the old house, we had a 20 foot tower on the roof.
The new house is much taller with a 6/12 pitch roof, so this tower isn't much over 8 feet tall.
Our internet provider offers a site to tower service.
The installers said they didn't need the binoculars to see the tower, so we should have no problem with service.
The best part, we had a protection plan with the provider.
The new install didn't cost!
Better and faster equipment is a plus.
No more blogging during my lunch or from my phone.
Drewman no longer has to go to the computer lab before or after school.
Flower Boy can check the weather and markets without standing on his head and hanging his phone out the front door.
Laptops work for something other than Word pads.
Life is getting back to normal!

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