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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean Slate!

Tile Guy arrived last Thursday to work on Flower Boy's shower.
We were a little sceptical of the type of work Tile Guy would preform.
He had taken quite a bit of time with Drewman's shower and things got a little rocky.

Thursday evening, there were only two rows of slate tile on the walls of Flower Boy's shower.
We were thinking, we could have the same issues as before.

Friday evening, we arrive home to this!
Spacers and everything!
Clean with no mess!
The entire shower was tiled!
No chipped tiles!
Tiles all level and straight!

Saturday, Tile Guy came to seal the slate.
Because slate in a natural stone, it must be sealed to prevent moisture from wicking into the slate, to prevent dirt from absorbing into the slate and due to the mineral content of the slate, without sealing it will rust.

Yesterday, the shower was grouted.
We chose a light gray grout.
We think it brings out the gray in the slate and blends well with the tumbled stone, in the feature strip.
Tile Guy redeemed himself and now has a Clean Slate to move on to the backsplash.

We had this tile on hand. 
I purchased it when my bathroom, in the old house, was under construction.
If you remember, that bathroom was never completed because My Daddy became ill.
The dimensions of Flower Boy's shower are the same as the dimensions of the shower I was going to put in that bathroom.
Can you say "COST SAVINGS"?

This evening, we meet with the builder to place the order for the shower fixtures.
Flower Boy's shower will have three (YES THREE) shower heads.
One rain head, one regular shower head and one extension shower head.

Heads Up!
This shower still needs a floor.

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