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Monday, March 4, 2013

It's The Little Things...

We have mentioned before about the custom details in our new home.
There have also been a few little things here and there.
Sometimes it's a little thing that makes a big POP!

A little stone has been added under the front windows.

These little benches have been added to the mud room.

Slides have been added to the lower shelves of the pantry and island, to make it a little bit easier to access.
Little pieces of molding have been added to the front face of all the shelving in the cabinets.
(Sorry no photo's, YET.)

A little bit of tumbled stone will be added to the showers.

The little herringbone patten with the pavers.

The little detail on the trim work.

None of these little things have added cost to our budget.
It just happens to be the way the builder rolls!
Detail and a finished product is as important to him as it is to us.

This morning the builder turned in our paint and stain order.
Drifting Dune is the wall paint color.
We have chosen Early American and Dark Walnut as stain.
(The names sound pretty Ranchy, don't they?!)
Final touches are being completed on the cabinets and trim work.
Painters will move in tomorrow!

Most of the lighting has been purchased.
Countertops will be poured next week.
Showers and backsplash are being tiled in between.

It's The Little Things...

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