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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eat Your Veggies for Breakfast

 Last week I shared with you YoYoYoMoo and Mr. Moo's MOOdy Acres Breakfast Basket.
Today, I am going to share with you what they make with that basket of wholesome goodness!

Several months ago, Mr. Moo came to Drew's EGGcelent EGGs to purchase YoYoYoMoo some of those EGGcelent EGG Layers.
Drewman is never opposed to selling a few hens, as he tries to keep a steady supply of new layers each year.
It was a great afternoon for Drewman and his uncle.
Drewman was the chauffeur, while Mr. Moo bought lunch.
I'm not sure who got the better end of that deal.
Drewman is no small young man and has quite an appetite.

I believe Mr. Moo headed home with 3 laying hens, 4 pullets, about ready to lay, and one chicken dancing rooster.
After a long drive, all made it home safe and sound.
Those EGGcelent Layers started laying EGGcelent EGGs the next day!
Drew's EGGcelent EGGs now has it's first site location.

Since then, YoYoYoMoo has acquired more chickens.
  Something I had to find out about on social media.
I would like to know the breed of chicken these purple ones are, YoYoYoMoo?
Thanks much!

Back to the MOOdy Acres Breakfast Basket.

YoYoYoMoo reports,
"I pick a large handful of spinach and another of kale.   I sauté some onions, peppers (bell and anaheim), and 3-4 asparagus spears then add the spinach and kale and cook until it's wilted.
I take 3 of my organic, free range eggs and scramble them in the pan with the greens.
The most delicious thing EVER!
We just messed with this idea until we got it right.
I know Flower Boy doesn't like veggies but this is super amazing."

I think this breakfast would be SO SO SO GOOD!
YoYoYoMoo is right.
Flower Boy and Drewman don't care for veggies much.
They are more meat and potato type eaters.
This tends to be a rancher man thing.
Although they have never turned away anything I cook.
Our household will be trying this breakfast soon!

YoYoYoMoo also reports the kale, spinach and asparagus are now finished in the MOOdy Acres Garden, but she has placed plenty in the freezer, for future use.
Asparagus Ferns
All the ingredients needed for this breakfast are readily available in the fresh veggie isle of your local grocery or even better, the farmers market.

I must add, after seeing the above photo of the asparagus ferns,
I spotted this
growing in a pipeline right of way.
The next evening while doing chores, I made Flower Boy stop the truck.
"I think that is wild asparagus."
 We will be returning to dig it up soon!
I just need to figure out where to place it, at the ranch.

Has anyone ever eaten wild asparagus?
Research shows it to be the same as garden asparagus.
After all, didn't garden veggies start as wild veggies?

All this talk about veggies has me hungry!

Eat You Veggies!

I'm off to eat mine!

Rancher Girl


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