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Monday, June 24, 2013

EGGcelent EGG Layers Have Arrived

In the post "Big Night for Drewman",
I told you there would be some replacement chicks arriving in June.
They're Here!!!

Saturday morning, I received a text,
"Your McMurray Hatchery chick order has shipped."
Chicks are shipped express mail though USPS.
We knew, early this morning, we would be getting a call from our local post office.
So, yesterday, we got the brooder tub ready.
This includes setting up the brooder light.
Chicks need the temperature to be 105 degrees.
As well as, setting up the water and the feeder.

7am this morning....
No call.
I called the post office.
"Do you have a delivery of chicks for Drewman?"
Postmaster ~
"YES!  I called and received a message the phone was disconnected! Come to the back door of the post office, ring the bell, we will bring them out."

I head to town. 
Drewman has to be at work at 8am.
On my drive in...
(that's another story)

I arrive at the post office, ring the bell and they came out with the box of chicks.
Strapped in the seat and ready to head to the ranch.
Peep... Peep... Peep....
These little peeps are very noisy!

Chicks are shipped in boxes.
Clearly marked!
Chicks are hatched and shipped, from the hatchery, the same day.
Each chick must be removed from the box,
It's beak must be dipped into water and feed.
Chicks can survive their first 24 hours of life without food or water, because they are still absorbing nutrients from the egg.
It is imperative they get food and water as soon as you receive the shipment.
Half the box is unloaded!

Now for the second half.

43 chicks in the brooder tub!
25 brown egg layers,
15 green egg layers,
3 extra chicks!
The hatchery makes sure to throw in a few extra chicks, just in case there are any causalities in shipping.
2, of the extras, have naked necks.
One has a fuzzy top hair do.

If all goes well, these chicks will be laying those EGGcelent EGGs this fall!

The phone wasn't disconnected.
It was our home phone number.
I forgot to remove it off vacation status from the HOUSE FIRE!
Silly Me! 

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