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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fears Of The Unknown

Some of the hardest things to let go of are fears of the unknown.
I've written about overcoming that fear in a few prior posts.
These past two days, I can't seem to hurdle a fear.
I've lost hours of sleep.
I have cried many tears.
My mind won't stay focused on a task at hand.
We have said numerous prayers.
The fear has been a struggle.
There is a reason for my struggle.
I tend to think, it is a worthy reason,
God has taught us these past nine months...
There is NOTHING we can't give to Him.
Therefore, MY reason isn't worthy.
He will take care of me!
All I have to do is LET GO!
Tomorrow, I will be saddling up for a rough ride.
It will be a personal one.
One, I was not aware of.
One, I wonder if I am prepared for.
One, I wish My Daddy were here for. 
Although Flower Boy will be with me.
Our kids will be a phone call away.
Other family and friends will be waiting for the responses.
I can't help but have fear and want My Daddy.
I know what I have to do.
I know what My Daddy is telling me.
This isn't anything new.
It's just the first time to take such a ride without My Daddy.
I have a favor to ask...
Tonight, as you say your prayers,
Please keep me and mine in them.
I will meet my fear at 9:30 in the morning.
I prefer to keep the fear held within our family circle.
Be assured....
My horse will be saddled up!
The saddle will be cinched tight!
My boots will be on!
I refuse to pack the saddle bags!
(I'm not going to be riding that long.)
My SPURS will be strapped tight!
Regardless of the outcome...
I know God and My Daddy will be with me, as they always are.
Right now, I can't seem to get past the fear to see them.
God has me in his hands
My Daddy is saying, "Girl, get up!  Shake it off and climb back on!  You don't quit!"
My response to him...
Daddy, I am scared.

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