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Monday, June 3, 2013

Fence Maintenance

Whether it be repairs to broken wire, building a new fence or dealing with washed out places along the fence line, there is always fence maintenance to be done around the ranch.

With all the rain we have had this spring, Flower Boy and I did some fence maintenance just prior to the FLASH FLOOD!
There were two places, along the road, at one of the pastures where the seismic crew reported a calf out.
It had eroded so much that the tee post was out of the ground.

We placed wire panels, along the fence line, where the pasture had eroded.
We wired them to the fence,
 making sure the panels were all the way to the ground.
We don't need any more erosion!
Our hope is that the panel will catch or trap any soil or debris that will wash, in the future.
Had this been a water gap, we would not have chosen the panels as an option.

 In this photo, you can see the amount of soil and grass that has washed into the ditch, prior to installing the panels.

Here is a view of how deep the "wash" is.

Flower Boy drove in a tee post on the outside of the fence.
He made sure to butt it up next to the tee post that had been exposed due to the erosion.

He then wired the two tee posts together, making the fence, post and panels secure.

While Flower Boy was doing all the hard labor,
I cut small seedling cedar trees out of the fence line.
No one wants those things growing into the fence line.

All in an afternoon of fence maintenance.
We consider times like that a date!

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