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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Treasures at Work

Yesterday, I get this text from Flower Boy.
"Look what we found this morning!!"
My reply
"Oh Dang!!!
You are bringing those home, right?"

A little rusty and tattered.
 It was once an enamelware cup.
The handle is broken off.
 I'm thinking it will set in the window sill, of the utility, and hold all that laundry money I find.
It might even find a new home on the utility sink, to hold a bar of lava soap.

A 6oz medicine bottle.
The medicine bottle dates from 1920 - 1940.
It was machine-made.
These styles of of oval druggist  bottles were produced with external continuous screw thread finishes beginning no later than 1927 (Owens Bottle Company 1927,1928).

This is an interesting bottle.
 Pepper Sauce
 3 fluid ozs
Below is the information we found on the PEPPERSAUCE Bottle:
PEPPERSAUCE - This is an early 20th century, mouth-blown pepper sauce bottle that is embossed with 3 FLUID OZS / PEPPERSAUCE on one semi-flattened side.  This is a variation of the oval (in cross-section), horizontally ringed peppersauce style that was very popular from the early 1900s to 1930s, though this example only has two rings at the shoulder and two above the heel.  It has a tooled double ring finish, was blown in a cup-bottom mold, and has multiple mold air venting marks including on the base which is a strong sign of production after 1900 into at least the early 1920s.
The PEPPERSAUCE Bottles are valued at $15 each.

This little bottle has a rose color tent.
It held Chili Powder.
 Gebhardt Eagle was the manufacturer.
 After much searching, we found the Gebhardt Eagle Brand Chili Powder has been a registered American brand since 1896.
The company is still in business.
This bottle dates back to the 1920's.
We found the bottle's value to be ~$7.00.

Overall, it appears Flower Boy made a 1920's treasure find!

I told him, he needs to keep digging!
He may find a pot of gold!

Happy Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

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