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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last night, Flower Boy and I carved a pumpkin.
We picked two, but only carved one.
I want to carve the other with Drewman.
He is at the National FFA Convention this week.
We will carve the other pumpkin when he gets home.
It doesn't matter WHEN you carve a pumpkin.
It only matters THAT you carve a pumpkin.
Do you carve pumpkins with your kids?
It is a tradition in our house. 
Cut open the top!
 Pull out the "guts"!

Have you ever roasted pumpkin seeds?
We haven't!
I'm thinking we should.
I have to admit, I cheated!
I drew a pattern.
Notice I was cutting away from my body?
 We didn't cut all the way through the meat of the pumpkin.
We wanted our brand to glow, from the pumpkin.
 Ready for the candle!
 GLOW it does!
 The green pumpkin on our porch, last night...

I like that you can't see the pumpkin, in the dark.
Just our brand!

Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pickin Pumpkins

Flower Boy took Princess Sheba and I to the pumpkin patch!
 We were late getting to the patch, so most of the orange pumpkins had already been taken.
We didn't much mind.
 We liked the look of those "almost ripe" pumpkins.
 The Princess seems to like them too!
 I really like the "green" pumpkins!
 Look at the smile on Flower Boy's face!
 I think he likes making his Rancher Girl and Princess happy!
We might be a wee bit spoiled.
I call it "well taken care of".
We can't wait to carve them tonight!

Thanks for making memories with me, Flower Boy!
You always know how to brighten my day!

Rancher Girl

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today's post is a sequel to "Finding Faith".
I told a portion of that story at My Daddy's memorial service, on October 29, 2010, right before I handed spurs to some family members.
Photo by Twisted Heart Photography
 To quote Paul Harvey, "Here's the rest of the story!", with a few edits.
I am hoping this helps to answer some questions, several have asked, about the importance of our boots and spurs, as well as, why my most said phrase is "SPURS ON!"

While making Daddy's memorial arrangements, I knew there was something I had to do but wasn't sure, at the time, what it was.
When it came to me, I went spur shopping!

The last four days of Daddy's life, he wouldn't and then couldn't talk to us.
The following are the things he needed to tell each one but couldn't.

Uncle Jack ~ "You are the oldest of the Bower men now, so you get the fancy spurs! 
You are to guide us, direct us, advise us and protect us.  Daddy knows you will and can do this.  He loves you and things are going to be okay."

Uncle Jack's spurs are very fancy!
They have gold snakes overlaid on the black anodized spurs.
They were larger than the other spurs.
They have jingles.
These spurs are so Uncle Jack!

He keeps them in his office.
Uncle Jack vowed to us kids, that day, to do just what My Daddy has asked.
Although I now have Flower Boy as my "go to guy",
Uncle Jack is always there.
He calls and texts to check up on us.
He stops by for a visit, whenever he is in town.
He has my back, always!

My Sissy and Brother
Sissy ~ "Even though your relationship with our father had its dark side, you did have a few good months! He loves you and things are going to be okay."

My Sissy's spurs are dark and have three hearts on them.
These three hearts represent the time spent with our Daddy.
His last months...
My Sissy and My Daddy didn't have the greatest relationship, in years past.
God had a hand in making the last few months of their relationship better.
It was a time of healing for both.

Brother ~ "Your spurs are pretty simple and plain.  You are in a place in your life for change.  You are your father's son.  You know what to do!  Daddy is proud of you and he loves you.  It will all be okay."

My brother was at a crossroad in his life, when Daddy passed away.
He, like Daddy, has had his struggles and weaknesses.
He knows what to do.
He works hard at it every second of every day.

My Kids ~
The Big Boy ~ "PaPa says "You have your boots, now here are your spurs!"  Your straps have cow hide on them because of the bond you and your PaPa have with the cattle."

Our Girl ~ "You have "special spurs" because it took a special girl to become "PaPa's Girl"!"

The Big Kids keep their spurs on their mantel, in their house.
A constant reminder of PaPa being with them.

Drewman ~ "Even though you aren't ready for your boots, just yet, PaPa wants you to have your spurs.  He knows those boots are coming soon!"

Drewman was only 15 when Papa passed away.  
He has grown a bit, but those boots will never leave him!
Photo by Twisted Heart Photography

Photo by Twisted Heart Photography

Photo by Twisted Heart Photography
"Kids, PaPa has given each one of you so much of him.  I ask that you take those gifts and contiue to make your PaPa PROUD!  He loves you and it's going to be okay."

My kids have done just that!
I couldn't be more proud of each one of them!
They hone their gifts, just as I have honed mine.

Grandma ~ "You have a pair of children's spurs.  They represent My Daddy and the love he has for his Momma!  It's going to be okay."

Daddy helped to take care of Grandma in her older years.
When Daddy got sick, Grandma made the decision to move into assisted living.

Grandma's spurs are in a shadow box hanging on her wall.
I love looking at them, when I visit with her.

Me ~ I already had my spurs.  They are that special pair of Daddy's Girl Spurs!  Nothing real fancy, but just right!  He gave these spurs to me, just as I was getting off the horse on Monday, October 25, 2010, when I handed God the reins.

My spurs are setting on my dresser.
I touch them every day.
Sometimes, I pick them up and pray with them.
Some days, I just walk by them and run my finger across them.

My spurs were the first thing Flower Boy went into the HOUSE FIRE to get.
He knew I needed them!

They rode in my car with me until we moved into the new house.

My spurs have become a part of who I am.
They are always ON, even when they are laying on my dresser.

At the end of My Daddy's memorial, I challenged each person to strap on their spurs and ride hard.
And remember,
There is always a little pain behind every "It's okay."

To date, I believe my family has done such!

Our spurs are the ever presence of My Daddy's existence.
A true representation of what he was to each one of us.
A constant reminder of who we are, where we came from and what is expected of us.
That folks, "is the rest of the story."

God knows what He is doing!
Rancher Girl

Monday, October 28, 2013

Seniors Rule!

Last week was Football Homecoming Week for PHS.
The week started out with outhouse wars!

Long story short....
Outhouse wars are a PHS tradition.
It goes back to the day when there actually were outhouses!
Each class would steal another class members outhouse.

I'm not sure I know why.
I'm not even sure I want to know why.

When I was in high school, there were outhouses on old homesteads or at some of the rural schools.
We would go get them.
Now days, each class builds an outhouse.

The object of outhouse wars is to keep your class outhouse and capture the others.
It is all in fun.
The kids even have rules set by the senior class.

This year, it was Drewman's turn to set the rules.
Seniors rule, ya know!

Rules were written and printed...
Sunday evening, the building began...

My phone rings about 9:40pm.
"Momma?  We are still building the outhouse.  Can I stay out later than 10?"
Drewman's curfew is 10pm on school nights.

"Do whatever you need to do.  Remember you have college class in the morning."

Later, we hear vehicles drive in.
Not just one but two, maybe three.

Flower Boy starts to get out of bed.
"Stay in bed.  It's just the kids with the outhouse."
Somehow, I knew that outhouse would end up at our house!

Thankfully, outhouse wars didn't start till Monday night!

Thursday evening was the homecoming parade and pep assembly.
 The PHS Band
 Coop!  Drewman's brother from another mother!
 2013 PHS Homecoming Queen, Miss Taylor

 The Freshman float.
 Another of Drewman's friends, Mark, on the Sophomore float.
 Junior float

Our local bank even had a float!
Hi Michelle!
Thanks for the candy!

AND NOW.....
The Class of 2014!

 These kids are all great kids!
 They are respectful, helpful, smart, polite and honorable.
 They have each others back!
 They stick together like glue!

Football boys are waiting to greet their football angels.
The angels give the boys gifts all week.
The boys don't know who their angel is until the pep assemble.
 Hunter watches.
 Coop is prepared.
 Royalty relay...
Hunter and Brekyn WIN!!
 Taylor falls at the finish line!

I love these next three shots.
 It shows how close these kids are.
 It's as if no one else is even there.

Meet your angel...
Mikenzi was an angel to two players.
 Callie and Coop!
 Hunter and Brekyn!

Friday night the PHS Maroons did tame the Lions!
The boys won the game!

Saturday night was the homecoming dance followed by the senior bonfire, at our house. 

What a great week and a great group of kids!
Seniors Rule!