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Monday, October 28, 2013

Seniors Rule!

Last week was Football Homecoming Week for PHS.
The week started out with outhouse wars!

Long story short....
Outhouse wars are a PHS tradition.
It goes back to the day when there actually were outhouses!
Each class would steal another class members outhouse.

I'm not sure I know why.
I'm not even sure I want to know why.

When I was in high school, there were outhouses on old homesteads or at some of the rural schools.
We would go get them.
Now days, each class builds an outhouse.

The object of outhouse wars is to keep your class outhouse and capture the others.
It is all in fun.
The kids even have rules set by the senior class.

This year, it was Drewman's turn to set the rules.
Seniors rule, ya know!

Rules were written and printed...
Sunday evening, the building began...

My phone rings about 9:40pm.
"Momma?  We are still building the outhouse.  Can I stay out later than 10?"
Drewman's curfew is 10pm on school nights.

"Do whatever you need to do.  Remember you have college class in the morning."

Later, we hear vehicles drive in.
Not just one but two, maybe three.

Flower Boy starts to get out of bed.
"Stay in bed.  It's just the kids with the outhouse."
Somehow, I knew that outhouse would end up at our house!

Thankfully, outhouse wars didn't start till Monday night!

Thursday evening was the homecoming parade and pep assembly.
 The PHS Band
 Coop!  Drewman's brother from another mother!
 2013 PHS Homecoming Queen, Miss Taylor

 The Freshman float.
 Another of Drewman's friends, Mark, on the Sophomore float.
 Junior float

Our local bank even had a float!
Hi Michelle!
Thanks for the candy!

AND NOW.....
The Class of 2014!

 These kids are all great kids!
 They are respectful, helpful, smart, polite and honorable.
 They have each others back!
 They stick together like glue!

Football boys are waiting to greet their football angels.
The angels give the boys gifts all week.
The boys don't know who their angel is until the pep assemble.
 Hunter watches.
 Coop is prepared.
 Royalty relay...
Hunter and Brekyn WIN!!
 Taylor falls at the finish line!

I love these next three shots.
 It shows how close these kids are.
 It's as if no one else is even there.

Meet your angel...
Mikenzi was an angel to two players.
 Callie and Coop!
 Hunter and Brekyn!

Friday night the PHS Maroons did tame the Lions!
The boys won the game!

Saturday night was the homecoming dance followed by the senior bonfire, at our house. 

What a great week and a great group of kids!
Seniors Rule!

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