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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Signs of Spring to a Rancher Girl

There has long been a Sign of Spring, in my life, that I have yet to be able to comprehend.
It was told to me by my Grandaddy B.
"Spring isn't here until the leaves on the oak trees are the size of squirrel's ears!"
My life long questions have always been;
1) Just how big is a squirrel's ear?
2) Wouldn't it depend on the age of the squirrel?
3)  Are all squirrel's ears the same size?

Being as how I have never found those answers, I have come up with my own Signs of Spring!

Baby calves are the number one Sign of Spring, to a Rancher Girl!
This photo says so many things.
The feeling of seeing a new born calf for the first time.
Having the opportunity to watch a calf be born or assist in their birth!
The love a momma has, for her baby, speaks to my heart.
The fight she has, to protect that baby, makes my heart skip a beat!

The amazingly beautiful scent of a wild plumb tree!
 Looking at this tree makes me anxious to make jelly.

A basket full of Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs!
With the hens in full production, you know it is Spring.

There are the breath taking sunsets!
 The hint of a storm building in this one brought 2" of rain to the ranch this week.

The hatching of chicks and delivery from the hatcheries!
If you have chickens, you know chicks arrive in the Spring.

The bright blooms Spring!
This is the one and only flowering item, that doesn't grow wild, on the ranch.
It happens to be at the gate.
I enjoy watching it transform as I open and shut the gate daily.

Morel Mushrooms!
These come up one time per year.
They are the best part of my birthday and Mother's Day each year.
Morel Mushrooms mean family time to a Rancher Girl!
The kids come home and the entire family hits the woods for the hunt.

The arrival of toads!
When the toads arrive, you know the ground has warmed up and Spring has Sprung!
These two happy hoppy fellas were out last night when I took the dogs out before bed.
Thus completing Signs of Spring to a Rancher Girl!

Happy Spring!

Rancher Girl

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