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Monday, November 26, 2018

Moo Cow Monday ~ The Places We Go

It started as a typical Thanksgiving weekend.
Trucks break down.
Spend 4 hours on the phone to get the lifetime warranty, of the part, provided.
Tractor won't start.
It might need new batteries.
Covered up in work, chores, and repair.
It's just our life!

For the past several years,
We have always tried to do some Black Friday Shopping
We normally sell cattle in November,
So it just makes since to replace a few or add to the herd.

Daddy always said "Grow slow! Don't get in over your head!"

Most of the weekend, when we weren't working on things,
We were, on our phones or the computer, searching for the perfect deal!

It was late Saturday evening.
Well, it was dark anyway.
It could have been 5:30PM.
We found it!

Flower Boy made the call.

Sunday morning, we were off!
Flower Boy
And Princess Sheba 
We never leave home without her!

Snacks were packed.
Some were purchased!
 We all had our favorite!
Sweet Tea and Chicharrones for Flower Boy.
Beef Sticks for Princess Sheba.
Frosted Mini Wheat's and Dots Pretzels for myself!

We had decided to take back roads.
You know, the highways from yesteryear.
Those that are less traveled.
We had nothing but time, 
As we normally consider these type of trips

We even have a road trip CD!
If you follow us on social media,
You know what we sing!

We hadn't driven 30 miles, and saw this!
Just a herd of horses and donkeys out for a Sunday Stroll.
They were prancing, down the highway, like they were on a road trip too!

We entered towns named

We passed places like
Stubby's Way
A fueling station that didn't have a store or a clerk.
Ma and Pa's Store where they sold antiques and plumbing.

We even found an old military fort!
Fort Washita
It's the fort that protected the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations from the Plains Indians.
The post was abandoned by Federal Forces during the Civil War.
Confederate Troops burned the structures at the end of the war.
Fort Washita will be a place we re-visit!

As we were making the final leg, of our journey, towards the Red River,
We came upon this!

I got a bit nervous!
Can you see the curve in the road?
That one, just past the bridge?

You see, we were pulling a 32 foot trailer!
The truck and trailer are almost 45 feet long, in total.

Flower Boy made the curve with ease!

The places we go!

Within two hours, of arriving at our destination, 
We made out picks, loaded, and headed back home.
It was a quick trip.
The back roads of Oklahoma never disappoint!

Rancher Girl

PS.  It was too dark for cattle photos. :-)