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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Some of the blogs I follow are doing a Wordless Wednesday post each week.
I think I will join in!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Treating Myself

Today, I bought myself a treat.
 You all know what this means?
I haven't had a pair of these on in over a year.
I kinda miss them.
I never really called myself a runner.

Now My Sissy...
SHE is a runner!
She is a beastly runner!

The most I ever ran was a 5K.
But I whole hardheartedly enjoyed it.
I'm not sure I ever got to a point of being able to run the entire 5K.
I would walk a bit and run most of it.

I started running when My Daddy's health was failing.
It helped keep my mind off the issues.
Plus, I claimed to run so I could eat!

  In the past 3 1/2 years, since My Daddy's death, I have gained 30 pounds.

Flower Boy would say "You Are Not Fat!"

I am not calling myself fat.
Although my jeans are getting tighter!

I know I needed to gain SOME weight.
I don't feel comfortable!
I feel lazy!
I need motivation!

When I was running, 
I always felt good.
I had energy.
My jeans weren't tight.

It's sad that when we get older our metabolism slows down.
We have to watch what we eat and exercise more.
Why do we have to grow up?

One would think, Flower Boy and I do enough around the ranch, we wouldn't need to do more.
Thing is...
We do the ranch routine daily.
It is just that...
We aren't getting our heart rate up or exerting any extra energy than normal activity.

Here's to treating myself to a workout regime, extra energy, increased metabolism
Maybe a hot fudge sundae!

Rancher Girl

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Junkin

When you hear someone say they have been Junkin, what do you think?
Do you think Antique Shop, Thrift Store, Garage Sale or Auction?

Flower Boy and I did some Junkin this weekend.
Our Junkin excursion was a bit different than those listed above.

While driving through one of our pastures, to feed cattle and check for babies, I spotted what appeared to be a wheelbarrow.
"Hey, that looks like a wheelbarrow!"
Flower Boy looks at me and keeps driving.
A bit further down the pasture, he stops to pick up an empty mineral tub.
When he gets out, I convince Princess Sheba to ask her daddy to turn around so I can check out that wheelbarrow.
Flower Boy headed back up the pasture, back to the draw, where I saw the wheelbarrow!
I do love this man!

Now, we keep all the gates to all our pastures locked.
There is no way this wheelbarrow could have recently been dumped into this draw.
We believe the amount of rain and snow, we have received over the winter, has helped to uncover the wheelbarrow.
 If you look right in front of Flower Boy's feet, you can see the belly of the wheelbarrow.

Let me tell you, I can spot Junk anywhere!
Flower Boy had to do a bit of digging and move that big tank type thing, to get the handles of the wheelbarrow free.

While Flower Boy was excavating the wheelbarrow, I looked down the draw to see this!
"What the heck is that!"
I think I just found a new flower pot!

The wheelbarrow is in great shape for where it has been and it's age.

These two pieces of Junk have a story to tell!
I can't wait to give them new life and add to their story!

Just Junkin!
Rancher Girl

Friday, February 21, 2014

Gettin A Dollars Worth

If you follow us on social media, you already know who won the dollar in "Placing ALL Bets"
If not....
 Look very close at the ear tag number of the cow.
I WIN!!!

This little guy is a stud!

I love watching the babies scamper, jump and frolic while we are feeding.
I wish I could spend my entire day watching them play.

Here is a better photo of #4 and her baby boy.
This is the baby we thought was born to #9 or 10.
By the way, those two still haven't calved.

#4 is a great momma.
Flower Boy got his hands on her baby last evening.
The plan was to ear tag him.
His momma let out a nasty beller!
I was afraid she was going to go after Flower Boy.
Flower Boy let go and the baby ran to his momma.
After returning to the cake line, to eat, momma kept a close eye on baby and Flower Boy.
Needless to say, no ear tag got placed in baby #4's ear!
Maybe another time.

As for my dollar!
I think I will buy myself a cookie!

Gettin A Dollars Worth!
Rancher Girl

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Placing ALL Bets

Have you ever had a feeling of knowing something is going to happen that you are willing to place a bet on it?
Flower Boy and I have!
The problem is we are betting against each other.

We call each other a few times a day, just to check in, say "I LOVE YOU!" and chat.
We are mushy like that.
Yesterday, on my drive home, I called Flower Boy.

The conversation goes something like this...
Me "Are you going to be late?"
Flower Boy is on a job that is finishing up so he has been working a little late each night to finish.
Flower Boy "Not too late.  Should be home before dark."
Me "Ok, I won't have to check the girls alone.  Do you think we will have a baby?"
Flower Boy "Yes"
Me "Which one?"
Flower Boy "#9 or 10."
Me "I think 27 will calve before they do."
Flower Boy "I don't think so."
Me "Wanna bet?"


Feeding after dark...
We pull into the pasture where #27 is located.
No baby!
Darn it!
I knew she would have calved!

Drive into the pasture where # 9 and 10 are located.
Nothing like finding them via spotlight!

Flower Boy is all excited he has won the bet!

We get the ear tag ready.
Flower Boy steps out of the truck.
Momma and baby are GONE!
This is a sign of a good momma.
She was all about protecting her baby.

Upon feeding the remainder of the cattle in this pasture, it is realized #9 and #10 are with the herd!
#4 is the momma of this baby boy.

Bet still ON!
Placing ALL Bets!

Come on Babies!!!

Here is hoping #27 calves today!

I don't want to lose my dollar.
Rancher Girl

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is Everyday

Today is February 14th.
It's Valentine's Day!
An occasion in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering chocolate or candy, and sending greeting cards.

In our house, Valentine's Day is Everyday!

Just yesterday, I had an ice cream date with Drewman!
Although this is a goofy photo, our date was very special.
Drewman is an extremely busy young man.
Between high school, college classes, FFA, church activities and work, we barely have time to spend together.
Drewman had the afternoon off work and I had time in my schedule to arrange some time off.
We made the most of it!

Now might also be the time to announce...
 Drewman's gonna be a Cowboy, baby!!!
  This has already been announced on social media, to friends and family, as well as our church family.
We are so very proud to make this announcement.
Drewman will continue a family tradition of being an OSU Cowboy!
I love this because I will be able to have lunches and more ice cream dates with him, because I work at OSU.
Happy Momma right here!

As for The Big Kids, we don't see them as often as we would like.
They are both busy with their jobs and travel often.
When we are together, we get special treatment!
They always cook amazing meals and treats.
 Our time with them is precious.
We cherish each moment.

Then there is this
guy and the princess!
My day would not be complete without these two!

Quick story behind Princess Sheba...
She is MY canine!
She has imprinted on me.
Flower Boy will say he is only her woobie.
She goes everywhere with us.
If she happens into the feed store, on a Saturday morning, and I remain in the truck, Sheba will cry until she makes her way back to me.
All the feed store workers will confirm that story.
I love this dog!

My man, Flower Boy.
I have a date with him every day!
It's chore time!
I have spoken before about how I rush home to go with him to feed.
There are times when not a single word is spoken during chore time.
They don't have to be.
It's being together that matters.
Setting side by side, alone with him.
My heart sings with joy and contentment.
I giggle, laugh and smile.
All for no apparent reason.
He does too!

You see, it isn't about a DAY, a GIFT or a CARD.
We give each other gifts and cards all the time.
They don't have to be tangible or written. 
Sometimes we are only allowed five minutes together.
Make them count!

Make Everyday Valentine's Day!

To Flower Boy, Drewman and The Big Kids,
Happy Valentine's Day!
I LOVE YOU with everything I have!
YOU make my world a better place!
Without YOU, I don't know where I would be! 
Rancher Girl

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Blessed Sisters' Crochet Lesson

For many reasons, most of which were beyond our control, we were missing from each other's lives for the better part of 15 years.  We missed out on being sisters, and aunts, and daughters.

We have spent the past several years trying to rebuild safe bridges and move forward.  God has been holding our hands on this journey, and with countless prayers and sometimes, wavering faith, we have made many glorious memories. Personally, I have been desperate to make up for lost time.  As my grandmothers got older, I have felt the need to cling to tradition.  I have my great-grandma Branen's butter churn which is frequently used because my husband and I have some dairy cows, and we prefer to do things the 'old-fashioned' way.  My sister has my great-grandma Branen's jelly making spoon, and she puts it to good use by making amazing treats!  She usually has some jars in her car to pass out to lucky friends and family!



Recently, I asked my grandma Bower to pass her crochet skills on to me.  We tried this when I was young, but I'm a Lefty, and it was too frustrating to learn from a right hander.  However, my determination overcame my frustration, and the lesson was finally scheduled. Many people found out about the upcoming lesson, including my sister.  She asked to join in, so we made a day of it.  I bought the 'more expensive' crochet needles because, if they are more expensive, they must work better, right?! That statement brought a round of laughter from everyone in the room, cementing my rookie status.

After searching for the correct thread to pull to start the yarn ball, Uncle Jack showed his expertise!  Aunt Betty playfully and hilariously reminded us that, "You've got to be careful what you pull on because you could get yourself into trouble!" Yarn-ball making is definitely a skill because my first attempt at home was a tangled disaster! 

The lesson was full of laughter and warmth, and Grandma seemed to brighten with each passing moment. The Hospice nurse who came by thought she was in the wrong room because, "The patient was sitting up in bed giving her granddaughters crochet lessons." The nurse checked the room number and asked at the nurse's station to make sure she hadn't gone into the wrong room. 
Grandma was tender and encouraging to us as our inexperienced fingers fumbled with the yarn. The word had gotten around town about the lesson, so we had several visitors come by to watch. A special thank you to Aunt Eve for taking the pictures for us on this day.  Grandma was so proud; her smiling face speaks volumes! 
Luckily, I was able to make the transfer from right to left handed crochet. Sadly, that was our one and only lesson.  The rest of the beginner's lesson will have to take place in heaven because she passed on yesterday afternoon.  My sister and I feel incredibly blessed that we were able to give grandma some joy in her final days. God blessed us beyond our wildest dreams that day allowing us to create lasting memories of one of the strongest women I have ever known.
The day before she passed on, I spoke with her on the phone, and she told me how proud she was of my progress on my 'square' of crochet.  I know she left me with the beginnings of a lifelong hobby that will remind me of her every time I sit down to create something - even though I'll never be as talented as my teacher! 
(Please note this is the guest blog from my sister YoYoMoo.
I am blessed to have her as my big Sissy!) 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yesterday while driving into work, I followed a rainbow.
This photo doesn't show the rainbow, in all it's amazing glory.
There was talk on social media of others that saw it too.

As I was driving, I also heard the new Miranda Lambert song Automatic.

It was very hard for me to focus on my task of driving, because I was watching the rainbow and listening to the lyrics of the song.

"Doing it all by hand cause when everything is handed to you it's all only worth as much as the time you put in.
In all just seems so good the way we had it back before everything became, automatic"

That course reminded me of a day My Sissy and I had last weekend.
Both of our grandmothers are in their 90's.
We spent time with both over the weekend.
What a wonderful blessed day we had!

Grandma, Daddy's mother, provided us with our first crochet lesson.
 My Sissy will be a doing a guest blog on the lesson soon.
This post will prompt her to do so.

We also spent time with Granny B, our mother's mother and mother of that special aunt
This photo was taken back in the summer.

My Sissy and I talked about the things our grandmothers have passed along to us.
Their teachings, advice and wisdom, as well as a few material items.

My Sissy has our Great Granny B's butter churn!
Funny because My Sissy and her hubby have a milk cow.
They make butter with that butter churn!
She spoke of the phone calls to Granny B asking the specifics of butter making.

and spoon
I too have had many phone calls to Granny B asking for guidance to my jelly making issues.

The butter churn, the jelly pot and spoon have been passed down through 4 generations!
All are currently being used!
Note the jelly pot and spoon are only used when making jelly.
The butter churn...
Could it be used for anything but butter?

The crochet lesson...
It is a work in progress.
We have to complete a square and return to Grandma, for lesson 2.
My sissy has completed her square.
I am almost finished with mine.
If the weather holds, I believe we will have lesson two this weekend.

This brings the question...
What will we pass to our grand children?
Things now days are so automatic!

During chore time, last evening, Flower Boy called to tell me of a rainbow he and Drewman had followed.
This brought a smile to my face.

Follow your rainbow!
Don't allow things to be so Automatic!

Rancher Girl

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day at the Ranch

This morning we woke up to a nice covering of snow!
Flower Boy had a minor sinus procedure done, so he was home to enjoy the snow day.
Drewman and I both had to work!
(insert sad face)
This snow would have been great to build a snowman!
 Princess Sheba and Ailey Mae couldn't wait for Flower Boy to take them out to play in the snow.

The pond looks so pretty covered with snow and ice.

The snow is beautiful but it requires us to do more feeding, ice chopping and caring for the cattle.

We even had a baby in this snow storm!
Momma cows are good to take their babies to cover, bed them down and keep them warm.
That is exactly where this momma was taking her newborn.
Flower Boy got out of the truck to ear tag the baby boy, when momma gave the call for him to come to her.
Off they went!
The baby was only a few hours old when Flower Boy found him.

Temperatures tomorrow are suppose to be much colder than today, with a -15 degree wind chill!
We are thankful this baby was born today.
From the look of the other girls, we shouldn't be having babies tomorrow.
Flower Boy says "I wouldn't count on it!"
You just never know what will happen!
We may even have puppies.