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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day at the Ranch

This morning we woke up to a nice covering of snow!
Flower Boy had a minor sinus procedure done, so he was home to enjoy the snow day.
Drewman and I both had to work!
(insert sad face)
This snow would have been great to build a snowman!
 Princess Sheba and Ailey Mae couldn't wait for Flower Boy to take them out to play in the snow.

The pond looks so pretty covered with snow and ice.

The snow is beautiful but it requires us to do more feeding, ice chopping and caring for the cattle.

We even had a baby in this snow storm!
Momma cows are good to take their babies to cover, bed them down and keep them warm.
That is exactly where this momma was taking her newborn.
Flower Boy got out of the truck to ear tag the baby boy, when momma gave the call for him to come to her.
Off they went!
The baby was only a few hours old when Flower Boy found him.

Temperatures tomorrow are suppose to be much colder than today, with a -15 degree wind chill!
We are thankful this baby was born today.
From the look of the other girls, we shouldn't be having babies tomorrow.
Flower Boy says "I wouldn't count on it!"
You just never know what will happen!
We may even have puppies. 

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  1. Pretty snow. What a good mama. We had wind chill -20*! yuck! Had 2 heifers that we brought into the barn to keep warm. Thank goodness for the barn.