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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yesterday while driving into work, I followed a rainbow.
This photo doesn't show the rainbow, in all it's amazing glory.
There was talk on social media of others that saw it too.

As I was driving, I also heard the new Miranda Lambert song Automatic.

It was very hard for me to focus on my task of driving, because I was watching the rainbow and listening to the lyrics of the song.

"Doing it all by hand cause when everything is handed to you it's all only worth as much as the time you put in.
In all just seems so good the way we had it back before everything became, automatic"

That course reminded me of a day My Sissy and I had last weekend.
Both of our grandmothers are in their 90's.
We spent time with both over the weekend.
What a wonderful blessed day we had!

Grandma, Daddy's mother, provided us with our first crochet lesson.
 My Sissy will be a doing a guest blog on the lesson soon.
This post will prompt her to do so.

We also spent time with Granny B, our mother's mother and mother of that special aunt
This photo was taken back in the summer.

My Sissy and I talked about the things our grandmothers have passed along to us.
Their teachings, advice and wisdom, as well as a few material items.

My Sissy has our Great Granny B's butter churn!
Funny because My Sissy and her hubby have a milk cow.
They make butter with that butter churn!
She spoke of the phone calls to Granny B asking the specifics of butter making.

and spoon
I too have had many phone calls to Granny B asking for guidance to my jelly making issues.

The butter churn, the jelly pot and spoon have been passed down through 4 generations!
All are currently being used!
Note the jelly pot and spoon are only used when making jelly.
The butter churn...
Could it be used for anything but butter?

The crochet lesson...
It is a work in progress.
We have to complete a square and return to Grandma, for lesson 2.
My sissy has completed her square.
I am almost finished with mine.
If the weather holds, I believe we will have lesson two this weekend.

This brings the question...
What will we pass to our grand children?
Things now days are so automatic!

During chore time, last evening, Flower Boy called to tell me of a rainbow he and Drewman had followed.
This brought a smile to my face.

Follow your rainbow!
Don't allow things to be so Automatic!

Rancher Girl

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