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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Package FROM Santa!

Drewman and I leave the house, most mornings, around the same time.
This morning was no different.
As we drove out of the gate, there was a package setting at the gate post!
I stop my car.
Drewman pulls through the gate, picks up the package and asks... 
"Can I open it?"

It was a package from Santa!

The letter reads:

I received your mom's letter.  Did you know she writes me each year?  She stated she wanted me to send an elf on the shelf, since this is your last year at home.

I send all the shelf elves out, to start watching their children, beginning December 1st each year.  Since your mom's request didn't get here in time, all my shelf elves are out doing their jobs.  I have sent Penelope and Pembroke to help.  Penelope is dressed in purple.

Normally, I send one elf per family.  Why did I send two to your house?  These two are much older than my shelf elves.  Therefore, they are much slower and have bad eyesight.  I think it will take the both of them to get the job done.  They should cause less trouble than the younger shelf elves, as Penelope and Pembroke have more elf experience.

Remember, they will be watching you between now and Christmas Eve!  They will report back to me each night telling me how good you have been.  You need to continue to be a good steward.  Don't be late for school or work.  Pay it forward when you can.  Be kind to your elders.  Finish those college applications.  Lastly, make sure you have completed your final paper for your college class and begin preparing for your State FFA Degree and State FFA Poultry Proficiency Award.

I hope to receive great reports from Penelope and Pembroke.
Enjoy your time with them.

 Penelope and Pembroke

Also in the box were some gold coins...
I think they may be candy coins but Drewman kept Penelope and Pembroke with him, only sending me with the letter so I could transcribe it to this blog post.

Now, a few things...

I do write Santa a letter each year.
I believe in Santa!
Somewhere out there is a Santa!
Santa may be male or female.
Santa is kind and caring.
Santa does watch for those that are naughty and nice.
He does make wishes come true!
My Daddy was a Santa to many kids.

I have said I wanted to do an Elf on the Shelf since this is Drewman's last year at home.

All the things Santa is telling Drewman in his letter are spot on!
Yesterday, Drewman picked up two "STARS" for needy children and will be shopping for them today.
He has completed his college paper.
He is still working on college applications.
He is also preparing for his FFA Degree and  State Proficiency.

Flower Boy and I did not place this package at our gate post.
We knew nothing of it!

Drewman is okay with me blogging about his package FROM Santa.
He seemed somewhat excited about meeting Penelope and Pembroke!


I just hope Penelope and Pembroke don't cause too much trouble and they enjoy their visit at our house.

Merry Christmas!
Rancher Girl

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  1. Awww.....I love this!! It made my heart smile and made me tear up at the same time!! I believe in Santa too!! :-) Love you friend!