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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Night With PYGs

Last evening our household was blessed to host our church PYG Christmas Party.
We had 11 high school kids and 6 adults, including Flower Boy and myself.

Beef N Noodles were on the menu.
This was a new dish for most at the party.
It is a comfort food for our family.

I think everyone liked it!

The group was broken up into two teams.

They answered a series of questions regarding the Birth of Christ.

The correct answers were then questioned.

Let's just say...
Most of us were stunned to learn the Bible tells a different story than what we have been taught in Christmas Pageants.
Everyone in the room was shocked.
Momma PYG confirmed the answers and asked us to read the True Christmas Story in the Book of Matthew and Luke.
I plan to read it this week!

There was a ton of discussion and lots of laughs!

Then the fight began!

It was time for Dirty Santa!

Much contemplation over the best gift out there!

Much thought was put into the steal!

Much solicitation from those attempting to sell their gift!

A wonderful night was had by all with a marvelous group of PYGs!

Thanks for coming out kids!
We enjoyed having you!

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