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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hay! Hay! Hay!

Sorry we haven't posted much this past week.
Flower Boy and I have both been off work, from our day jobs, but not from our ranching duties.
Boy do I have a lot to tell you over the next several posts!
One of our projects...
We have been moving hay! 
There is hay everywhere you look on this ranch!
There is hay in the front yard!
 There is hay on the hill where I have dates with My Daddy!
There is a huge stack out back!
There is even hay between trees!
There are stacks of native grass, rye, oat and bermuda hay.
There is even a stack of native grass that has a bit of johnson grass in it.
We keep the hay in separate stacks because each type has a different percentage of protein.
All can be fed to the cattle, but only a certain type can be fed to Charlie Horse.
Most of the hay has been moved by our two feed trucks.
Drewman in one and Flower Boy in the other.
I moved hay one day by myself because Flower Boy and Drewman both had to work at their day jobs.
The hay was only 3 miles from the home place, so it wasn't hard moving it.
Just time consuming.
The hay in the front yard is being moved to these stacks.
That hay was brought in by trailer, therefore it had to be dropped in the front yard.
The driver lowers the spikes on the bale bed.
 Backs up to the bale.
 Raises the bale with the spikes.
 Drives around the house to the designated hay sack.
Backs up to the hay stack.
Lowers the bale.
 And pulls away.
With both trucks moving hay, they move it quickly.
They have to watch each other as they circle around the house.
It is a single lane drive with a steep drop off to the creek, on the other side.
We have moved 150 bales these past few days.
We don't think this will be enough to sustain the cattle through the winter.
It is a good start though!
Hay! Hay! Hay!
PS:  Before I completed this post all the hay in the front yard had been moved to their designated stacks.

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