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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lights... Trees... Do We Have Enough?

We have been doing our Christmas decorating the past several weeks.
It seems we (Drewman and I) continue to add decorations, as we find them or make them.

Our living room tree went up first!
Flower Boy loves this tree!
He says it is "Simple and Country".
The tree is wrapped with grapevine and a rusty wire type star garland.
Most of the ornaments are metal, with a few handmade felt ornaments from when I was a child, including the one from Granny B.
We have also added a few red apples for color.
Topped off with a rusted metal star.
A simple white bed sheet is used as our tree skirt.

We have two Nativity Scenes.
Both were made in Granny B's ceramic shop.
This one is small and dainty.
I love the bright colors and details.

The second is much larger and seems to have a mix and match of characters.
Several pieces have been glued together as they have broken over the years.
No matter..
I have an appreciation for the lighted tree.
As well as, the detail in the angel hanging from the stable.
We have placed one on each side of the fireplace.
I find peace in setting in my chair looking at them each night.

Our stockings have been hung!

There is a collection of Santas given to me, as gifts each year, from one of my former bosses.
These Santas sit on a vintage New Home sewing machine I purchased, at an auction with Granny B, when I was twelve years old.

Drewman has a tree in his room.
Penelope and Pembroke stole the ornaments prior to getting them placed on the tree.
(Speaking of these two...
They are a MESS!!!
I will do a post soon on their antics!)
The ornaments are hunting and fishing type ornaments.
Perfect for Drewman's room!

Flower Boy and I have a tree in our room too.
This tree is most special to me.
The Christmas after My Daddy died, I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit.
A dear friend gave me this little tree, knowing I needed to put one up.
I remember her telling me "Just take it home! You have to start small and work your way through it."
G had lost her sweet mother to cancer the year before.
I have placed the special tree in My Daddy's chore bucket.
Wrapped it with one of his ropes.
Put a few farm/ranch ornaments on it.
The tree sets on my dresser with my Spurs and a candle holder My Daddy made, using an old electrical insulator.

Our porch is also decorated!
The tree has been in storage for several years and has many issues.
We think it works perfectly as an outside tree.
 Drewman took all the little kid ornaments and placed them on the tree.
I won the snowmen several years ago in a holiday drawing.
The tote was something My Daddy made.
We filled it with garland and lights.
Next to our front door is a collection of extras we have gained over the years.
You might remember the stocking from last year.

Lastly, there is the wreath Drewman made this week.

All in all, we (Drewman and I) think we did a pretty good job of gathering up what we had to beautifully decorate our new home!
Flower Boy, although he thinks it all looks marvelous, asks...
"Do We Have Enough Lights and Trees?"
Teasing us that we didn't do this much decorating in the old house.

Our family will be hosting Drewman's youth group next Monday evening for their Christmas Party.
The Big Kids will be home Christmas Eve.
Our Santa's Workshop will begin this weekend, preparing our packages and packing the Sleigh.
We finished decorating just in time!
Merry Christmas!!!

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