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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They Don't Belong To Me!

Today's story involves "That Special Aunt".
It is most fitting because today is her birthday!

Over the Thanksgiving break, I was searching through several boxes, that have been in an old storage building, looking for Christmas decorations.
I am a cheapskate and don't like spending money on unnecessary items.
You all know, I work with what I have.
There is a difference between "want" and "need".
I may want new decorations, but I don't need them!

While searching, I found these ceramic ornaments Granny B made when us grandchildren were small.
These hung on Granny and Grandaddy's tree for years.
"That Special Aunt" thinks Granny B may have made one for each of us.
The bottom two were made by Cousin Tonya.  
Although she doesn't remember when, they do have her initials on the bottom.

  This little santa was also made by Granny B, in her ceramic shop.

I remember Granny B's ceramic shop very well.
Each one of us grand girls spent special time there.
It was a little house just east of Granny and Granddaddy's house in Orlando, OK.

I also found this!
This is our family tree skirt made by Granny B.
It was under Granny and Grandaddy's tree FOREVER!
As each child was born, Granny would add an angel with that child's name.
Here are me and mine!
Thankfully, for some of us, Granny B never added spouses!

When I found these items, I knew they don't belong to me!
I took them to Thanksgiving at that special aunt's house.
I wrapped the ornaments in tissue paper and placed the tree skirt in a gift bag.
Watching Aunt Lois open them was exciting to me!
It was like she was a little girl again!
It brought me such joy to return those items to their rightful owner.

Although Granny B is a feisty 91 years young,
I left it up to Aunt Lois to decide what to do with these items.
She plans to give each one of us girls "our" ornament.
Aunt Lois hasn't said what will happen with our family tree skirt.
I secretly hope she will take "our" angels and make each one of us our own tree skirt.
HINT!!!  HINT!!!!!

Lastly, I have another item that didn't belong to me, but now it does!
 It is a very special woobie, I talk about in this post.

"There was a container that was saved from the fire.  This container held both of my boy's woobies from when they were children!  Along with their woobies, there were some old quilt squares.  I wasn't sure about the origin of these squares, but gave them to our special aunt.  I asked if she would be able to make something from them.  I remembered, Granny B had given them to me, years ago.  My aunt said she thought these were squares from Great Granny B, the one who died in her 100s.  Well... Turns out, some of the material, in the squares, are the same material, in a bonnet, my aunt has that was Great Granny B's!


Here it is, making it's special debut!
The material that Great Grandma's bonnet is made from is the same as that of the bottom three quilt squares on my woobie!

Granny B's ceramic shop later became Great Grandma B's house.
The times spent, in that house making ceramics with Granny and then making jelly, baking and gardening with Great Grandma, will forever be instilled in my memory! 

That special aunt finished the quilt after the house fire and stitched these words:
Pieced by Great Grandma B
Given to me by Granny B
Finished by Aunt Lois
2012 after the fire

Most mornings you can find my special woobie on the back of my chair.
 Every evening you will find me snuggled up inside this woobie.
Don't believe me?
Ask Flower Boy!

Hot or cold outside, I will be covered with this woobie!

I may be on the couch or in my chair.
No matter where I am, that woobie will be with me.
When I am wrapped up in it, I smell Great Grandma B, Granny and Aunt Lois.
Each have very distinctive smells.
Each hold a very special place in my heart.
Each have provided me with great amounts of advice and guidance throughout my life and still do.

My woobie is my protection and comfort, just as the three of these women have been to me.
I am so very thankful to have this one belong to me!

Do you have things hidden away in deep dark places of your house, attic or barns, needing to be shared with others, because they don't belong to you?
If so, I encourage you to pass them along to their rightful owners.
Trust me, it will do your heart good and IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lois!
Thank you for all you do!
We Love You!

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