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Friday, December 6, 2013

My Job Today

We woke up to a beautiful light dusting of snow over the ranch, this morning.
There is just something magical about the first snow of the season that turns a Rancher Girls Dislike into a day of bliss.
Jazz is enjoying his first snow too!
We knew the snow was coming.
We just didn't know when or how much.
I was dismissed from work late afternoon yesterday, when the winter mix hit.
Last evening, we put new hay bales out for the cattle, chopped ice for Charlie and those EGGcelent hens, and made sure they had plenty of feed to keep them warm.
The dogs are spending the day in the house and garage.
In the ranching world, your animals are cared for and fed before yourself.
It's part of "The Code".
My work was closed, for today, before 5:30 last evening.
Drewman's school was closed early this morning.
Flower Boy left for work early and Drewman is at his work.
I have a fire going in the fireplace.
An amazing cup of coffee paired with this weeks papers.
This will be my job today!
I may finish putting up Christmas decorations....
Or not...
Stay warm!
Rancher Girl

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