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Friday, August 22, 2014

There Is A New Egg Lady In Town!

We are happy to report Drew's EGGcelent EGGs has now come full circle.
As many of you know,
My Daddy started Drewman in this little business.
Drewman was in the 8th grade when Drew's EGGcelent EGGs made it's first appearance at our local Farmer's Market.
The egg business has evolved to a weekly delivery route and a pickup location.

In the early years,
I would drive Drewman to make his deliveries and to Farmer's Market.

The past 3 years,
Drewman has done all the delivering, purchasing of feed and maintaining the finances of Drew's EGGcelent EGGs.
It is HIS business, after all.

Holding an Oklahoma Egg License, there must be a certified egg washer.
This person must be of legal age.
Therefore, I became the CEW.

Now that Drewman has soared off to college,
I have decided to continue Drew's EGGcelent EGGs.

Drew's EGGcelent EGGs has been a great adventure for Drewman.
It kept money in his pocket, made him become more social, added to his independence and made him more responsible.

I am not sure Drew's EGGcelent EGGs will do all the above for me.
I feel like have already accomplished most.
After all, I am the mother of two amazing men, Rancher Girl and Flower Boy's other half.

Why am I continuing the business?

Drewman has an amazing customer base.
They have been loyal to him.
These customers have been patient and understanding when production goes down or Drewman has had activities that have kept him from deliveries.

I feel compelled to honor them, just as they have honored Drewman.

Drew's EGGcelent EGGs will continue to provide a source of income.
Although it may be in my pocket, more so than Drewman's.
I have found a few items that are currently calling my name.
This egg gig may be my ticket to their purchase.

I don't know where the income will go, just yet.
There are repairs needing to be made to pens.
A larger hen house that needs to be completed.
Fencing needing to be done.
Plus, replacement layers are always being purchased.
Drewman does have college expenses.

What I do know...
Flower Boy makes a feed store trip every Saturday morning.
Chicken feed will be added to that list.

Do any of you see where this is going?
This egg gig could be a total profit and win/win for me!
Flower Boy buy the chicken feed...
Me pocket the profits...

Somehow, Flower Boy doesn't see this as winning.
I don't know why!
Do you?

In the end, this is Drewman's business.
He owns it.
Flower Boy and I are helping to maintain it and provide the best possible input we can to continue Drew's EGGcelent EGGs success.

Last evening, was my first delivery as The New EGG Lady In Town.
Flower Boy was my chauffeur.
We had a great evening together.
It was nice to get out and visit with all the customers.

Here's to new adventures and opportunities!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Underneath That Oklahoma Sky

Have a great day!
Rancher Girl

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Fairy Holes

Last night we had a storm roll in.
While setting on the porch watching it roll in, Flower Boy asked me
"Why don't you post MCM/Moo Cow Monday, Texture Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday anymore?"
I hadn't really thought about it, but he is correct.
I haven't!

I would like to say, I've been busy.
Honestly, I have been a bit down with Drewman leaving for college.
Not that I wasn't ready for him to soar.
I have never been an adult without children.
Having The Big Boy at a young age,
I never experienced adulthood as anything other than a parent.
It may be that I am a bit scared of finding a new way for myself.
I know Flower Boy and I have great adventures ahead of ourselves.
 We have so many projects, goals and opportunities on our plate,
I may have to make a spreadsheet to line them all out. 
 It is an exciting time for us.
At the same time, it is frightening.

We have many options to explore.
Lots of hopes and dreams.
Tons of wishes.
It is a whole new world!

Which brings me to today's Texture Tuesday.
Fairy Holes!
 Did you know Fairy Holes are a gateway into another world?
Legend has it that if you discover a Fairy Hole you should leave it alone.
Though it may be tempting, resist doing so.
Garden fairies consider this an act of aggression and may respond in kind, causing havoc in the garden and leaving warning signs throughout.

Have you ever noticed around every Fairy Hole there is always something weird growing?
Do you think the Fairies come out and perch on these little stools?
 Maybe they set here and contemplate their next venture.
Or even decide who their next dusting will be.

I tried really hard to get a photo of the inside of this Fairy Hole.
No luck!
I'm guessing the legend is true and I wasn't going to mess with it!

Here's to our gateway into a new world!
May we be sprinkled with Fairy Dust.
Our wishes granted.
And our dreams come true.

Rancher Girl

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Simple Life

Setting in the pastures, watching the sunrise or set.

Finding beauty in the clouds and spiderwebs.

Peace is being being one with nature.

Setting by the water.
Harmony in being with the animals.

Loving being in open nature where we can hear the birds and wildlife.
One of our favorite smells is the morning dew on the cattle's back.
There is something that heals us being out with the animals that being with humans could never do.

Rancher Girl

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Labor and Delivery

It all started about 7pm, last evening.
We knew they were coming.
We weren't expecting them until the 16th.
That is Saturday.

The kiddie pool was washed last week.
Ailey Mae's blanket was placed inside.
She has been sleeping there since.

Most Saturday's are bath days for the dogs.
We thought since Ailey Mae was due THIS Saturday, we would bathe her mid week.

We got home from work, grabbed the soap, turned on the water hose and started her bath.
Flower Boy notices something isn't quite right.
"Oh!  She is getting ready!"
She enjoyed her bath, but kept stretching.
"She is having labor pains."

Sure enough!
 We had not been in the house any more than an hour!
"We have a puppy!"

3 puppies arrive within the next couple of hours.
By 9pm, Ailey Mae was having problems.
She would have a contraction, push and moan, but no puppy was being delivered.

Flower Boy "How long do we wait before we call Dr. Brett?"
Me "I'm not waiting!"
I grabbed my phone and called Brett.

As stated before, Dr. Brett is Our Girl's brother.
He is a wonder, kind, caring and loving veterinarian and friend.

I explained what was happening.
We all agreed, Ailey Mae needed to be examined.

Load the puppies into a basket.
Lay a blanket in the back of the Edge.
Grab all the dog towels.
(Yes, we have human towels and dog towels in our household.)
Place Ailey Mae in the Edge, with her puppies.
Flower Boy helps me climb in the back too.
Flower Boy engages to cop mode, driving us 40 miles to Dr. Brett.

On the way, Ailey Mae delivers the largest pup of the litter!
A female!

We may have jumped the gun by calling Dr. Brett so early.
Better safe than sorry.

When we arrive at the clinic,
Dr. Dave, Our Girl's daddy, is there waiting.
Dr. Brett and a nurse arrive shortly after.

Puppies are loaded back into the basket.
Ailey Mae follows her basket of puppies into the clinic.

After a quick exam, Dr. Brett determines Ailey Mae needs an x-ray.
She has three more puppies to deliver!
Puppy number 4 is coming backwards.

Flower Boy and I get a quick coaching from Dr. Dave.
Everyone is loaded back into the Edge and we head back home.

Before we get out of the city limits,
Ailey Mae had delivered puppy number 5.
Flower Boy had to pull off the roadway and help cut the cord.

The next two puppies were delivered before we arrived home.
Puppy number 7 had to have his cord cut too.

Sadly, puppy number 2 was stillborn.
As a ranching family, when an animal is born dead or dies, you don't question why.
You accept it to be God's Will, say a prayer, and move past it.
The puppy will be buried, on the ranch, next to Miss Athena.

Flower Boy said "God knows what he is doing, giving us these puppies on the day Drewman left for college!  He knew we would need something to take our mind off it."
Trust us!
God knows what He is doing!

Ailey Mae and the remainder 6 puppies are doing great!
 5 males and 1 female

Grandpa, aka Flower Boy, stayed home today.
We wanted to make sure Ailey Mae stayed calm and the puppies settled well.
All are nursing, happy and healthy.

The female was sold before she was born.
She is going to Little Rock, AR to live with Lil Pig!
Jack Black at 6 months old.
His name is now Jack Black.
He and their new momma can't wait for her to come live with them.
We will send updates, photos and such to them several times per week.

We like to keep in touch with our customers.
Actually, we have become friends with several.
We text often and socialize via facebook.

Ruger's momma contacted us as soon as she saw Ailey Mae was in labor.
Ruger at One Year.
Ruger is from Ailey Mae's first litter.
They are considering one of these puppies, as a playmate for Ruger.

Now to find that waiting list and start making calls to find buyers for all these boys!
Look out social media world!
Let the marketing of Rockin' B Ranch German Shepherd's begin!

Rancher Girl

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today He Soars!

A summer of preparation.
Trips away from home.
Late nights without a curfew.
Not having to make the call to check in.
No fears of being in trouble with mom or dad.

Knowing how to juggle school, work and activities.
Never needing to be roused, from your slumber, to head into your day.
Being timely for appointments.
Keeping your own calender.

Always being responsible and mindful of your actions.
Becoming more independent than you already were.

Drew's EGGcelent EGGs has taught you more than you think.
Social Skills
Financial Management
Self Worth

This past week of completing your list of required items.
Dry cleaning dropped off and picked up.
Bedding and towels washed, dried and neatly folded.
Photos placed in frames.

Bags are packed.
Boots are shined.
Ties are tied.

Let's not forget the acquiring of a job.
Working 20 hours per week, while being a full time college student.

Your class schedule and books in your backpack.
Pens, Paper and Calculator.
Your laptop too.

Study habits learned, from concurrent college classes, in high school.
 Graduating high school with honors and awards.
Becoming the leader you were born to be.

You will not be without hurdles, discouragement and disappointment.

You have a never quit attitude.
Your work ethic is beyond measure.
You have a strong mind and body.
Your faith is even stronger.
Today, you not only move into the Alpha Gamma Rho house.
You take your next step into your future.

The AGR Motto is "To make better men."
We can't wait to see what you become.

Your brother has given his advice, guidance and direction.
Dad (Flower Boy) and I have done all we can in raising you to be who you are.

With your truck loaded, head down your new path, and always remember,
Stay True To Yourself
Keep God In Your Heart
Your Family By Your Side
Everything Will Be Okay

Flap those wings, Son!

We Love You!!!
Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014 - NOT A Typical Sunday

A Day of Worship.
A Day of Rest.
A Day of Reflection.

Today started as a normal Sunday, for us.

Flower Boy on the dock fishing in the early morning.

Drewman and I catching a few extra z's.

I got up fixed a rancher's breakfast.
We all got pretty/handsome and headed off to worship.

As we walked in the church doors, I was greeted by Josh, our pastor.
"We need you to sign as a witness."

No questions asked "SURE!"
I was signing a Baptism Certificate.
Under my signature were the words Sponsor/Witness.
I signed with honor, pride and a bit of grace.
Maybe a lot of Grace!

I was signing Drewman's Baptism Certificate.
Today is THE Day!

Some may ask "Why wasn't he baptized prior to now?"

My answer...
I am one to push my children to their outer limits, but I will not push their Faith.
I have made many decisions for my boys, but I will not make this decision for them.
I made sure the boys were raised by God's Grace.
I knew when the time was right they, and only they, would know when they were ready to make their commitment.
I, along with God, allowed this to be theirs and only theirs.

The Big Boy made his decision during the time I was pregnant with Drewman.
His Day, too, was a very glorious day.

No greater moment in a Momma's life than to hear her children say "I want to be Baptized." and to know this is their want, decision and understanding.

This morning, as we sat on the back pew of the church (this is our normal seating), My Sissy, her hubby, that special aunt and uncle with us.
We watched Drewman walk to the front of the church.
A church elder and Pastor Josh ask questions of Drewman and the congregation.
Drewman's Momma PYG walked up the main aisle of the church with a crystal pitcher of water.
As she handed it to Pastor Josh, she wiped tears from her eyes.
Josh slowly poured the water into a beautiful opal swirl bowl.
Humbly, Drewman dropped to his knees as Pastor Josh baptized him in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

I set here typing, tears roll down my face, as they did the very second Drewman hit his knees.
It was the most precious sight!

Although we didn't snap photos, Flower Boy and I agree the memory will be forever ingrained in our minds.

This was Pastor Josh's first baptism.
Remember, Drewman was on the Pastor Nominating Committee.
I believe, Josh was called to Drewman, as well as our congregation.
Flower Boy and I are grateful.

We know Drewman has been called to do great things!
Today, Drewman's final Sunday at home, he prepares and packs to head off to college, he is ready!

Go Get'em Son!

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - BUZZ

Happy Wednesday!

Rancher Girl