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Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014 - NOT A Typical Sunday

A Day of Worship.
A Day of Rest.
A Day of Reflection.

Today started as a normal Sunday, for us.

Flower Boy on the dock fishing in the early morning.

Drewman and I catching a few extra z's.

I got up fixed a rancher's breakfast.
We all got pretty/handsome and headed off to worship.

As we walked in the church doors, I was greeted by Josh, our pastor.
"We need you to sign as a witness."

No questions asked "SURE!"
I was signing a Baptism Certificate.
Under my signature were the words Sponsor/Witness.
I signed with honor, pride and a bit of grace.
Maybe a lot of Grace!

I was signing Drewman's Baptism Certificate.
Today is THE Day!

Some may ask "Why wasn't he baptized prior to now?"

My answer...
I am one to push my children to their outer limits, but I will not push their Faith.
I have made many decisions for my boys, but I will not make this decision for them.
I made sure the boys were raised by God's Grace.
I knew when the time was right they, and only they, would know when they were ready to make their commitment.
I, along with God, allowed this to be theirs and only theirs.

The Big Boy made his decision during the time I was pregnant with Drewman.
His Day, too, was a very glorious day.

No greater moment in a Momma's life than to hear her children say "I want to be Baptized." and to know this is their want, decision and understanding.

This morning, as we sat on the back pew of the church (this is our normal seating), My Sissy, her hubby, that special aunt and uncle with us.
We watched Drewman walk to the front of the church.
A church elder and Pastor Josh ask questions of Drewman and the congregation.
Drewman's Momma PYG walked up the main aisle of the church with a crystal pitcher of water.
As she handed it to Pastor Josh, she wiped tears from her eyes.
Josh slowly poured the water into a beautiful opal swirl bowl.
Humbly, Drewman dropped to his knees as Pastor Josh baptized him in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

I set here typing, tears roll down my face, as they did the very second Drewman hit his knees.
It was the most precious sight!

Although we didn't snap photos, Flower Boy and I agree the memory will be forever ingrained in our minds.

This was Pastor Josh's first baptism.
Remember, Drewman was on the Pastor Nominating Committee.
I believe, Josh was called to Drewman, as well as our congregation.
Flower Boy and I are grateful.

We know Drewman has been called to do great things!
Today, Drewman's final Sunday at home, he prepares and packs to head off to college, he is ready!

Go Get'em Son!

Mom and Dad

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