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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Labor and Delivery

It all started about 7pm, last evening.
We knew they were coming.
We weren't expecting them until the 16th.
That is Saturday.

The kiddie pool was washed last week.
Ailey Mae's blanket was placed inside.
She has been sleeping there since.

Most Saturday's are bath days for the dogs.
We thought since Ailey Mae was due THIS Saturday, we would bathe her mid week.

We got home from work, grabbed the soap, turned on the water hose and started her bath.
Flower Boy notices something isn't quite right.
"Oh!  She is getting ready!"
She enjoyed her bath, but kept stretching.
"She is having labor pains."

Sure enough!
 We had not been in the house any more than an hour!
"We have a puppy!"

3 puppies arrive within the next couple of hours.
By 9pm, Ailey Mae was having problems.
She would have a contraction, push and moan, but no puppy was being delivered.

Flower Boy "How long do we wait before we call Dr. Brett?"
Me "I'm not waiting!"
I grabbed my phone and called Brett.

As stated before, Dr. Brett is Our Girl's brother.
He is a wonder, kind, caring and loving veterinarian and friend.

I explained what was happening.
We all agreed, Ailey Mae needed to be examined.

Load the puppies into a basket.
Lay a blanket in the back of the Edge.
Grab all the dog towels.
(Yes, we have human towels and dog towels in our household.)
Place Ailey Mae in the Edge, with her puppies.
Flower Boy helps me climb in the back too.
Flower Boy engages to cop mode, driving us 40 miles to Dr. Brett.

On the way, Ailey Mae delivers the largest pup of the litter!
A female!

We may have jumped the gun by calling Dr. Brett so early.
Better safe than sorry.

When we arrive at the clinic,
Dr. Dave, Our Girl's daddy, is there waiting.
Dr. Brett and a nurse arrive shortly after.

Puppies are loaded back into the basket.
Ailey Mae follows her basket of puppies into the clinic.

After a quick exam, Dr. Brett determines Ailey Mae needs an x-ray.
She has three more puppies to deliver!
Puppy number 4 is coming backwards.

Flower Boy and I get a quick coaching from Dr. Dave.
Everyone is loaded back into the Edge and we head back home.

Before we get out of the city limits,
Ailey Mae had delivered puppy number 5.
Flower Boy had to pull off the roadway and help cut the cord.

The next two puppies were delivered before we arrived home.
Puppy number 7 had to have his cord cut too.

Sadly, puppy number 2 was stillborn.
As a ranching family, when an animal is born dead or dies, you don't question why.
You accept it to be God's Will, say a prayer, and move past it.
The puppy will be buried, on the ranch, next to Miss Athena.

Flower Boy said "God knows what he is doing, giving us these puppies on the day Drewman left for college!  He knew we would need something to take our mind off it."
Trust us!
God knows what He is doing!

Ailey Mae and the remainder 6 puppies are doing great!
 5 males and 1 female

Grandpa, aka Flower Boy, stayed home today.
We wanted to make sure Ailey Mae stayed calm and the puppies settled well.
All are nursing, happy and healthy.

The female was sold before she was born.
She is going to Little Rock, AR to live with Lil Pig!
Jack Black at 6 months old.
His name is now Jack Black.
He and their new momma can't wait for her to come live with them.
We will send updates, photos and such to them several times per week.

We like to keep in touch with our customers.
Actually, we have become friends with several.
We text often and socialize via facebook.

Ruger's momma contacted us as soon as she saw Ailey Mae was in labor.
Ruger at One Year.
Ruger is from Ailey Mae's first litter.
They are considering one of these puppies, as a playmate for Ruger.

Now to find that waiting list and start making calls to find buyers for all these boys!
Look out social media world!
Let the marketing of Rockin' B Ranch German Shepherd's begin!

Rancher Girl

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