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Monday, August 4, 2014

Moo Cow Monday

So yesterday, I posted this photo on social media.

Cows are so funny!
They make the weirdest faces and looks.
So serious but yet so comical.
If they could talk, just what would they be saying?
"Get off the phone Boss Man!  We want cake!"

We all know cattle are my favorite animal in the whole wide world!
Next to Princess Sheba and a litter of German Shepherd puppies.
I just love 'em!

It's summer time.
The pastures are lush with grass.
The ponds are full, from the abundance, of rain God has granted us.

For the most part the cattle just graze, lounge and chill out during the summer.
We check them often.
 We don't feed the cattle daily, like we have to do in the winter.

The cattle pay no attention to traffic passing by the pastures, until they hear the feed truck.
Then they come running!

How do they know that truck?
There could be other maroon diesel trucks pull into their pastures and the cattle would ignore them.
Let one of THEIR maroon feed trucks pull into their pasture and they mob it!

Is it the way Flower Boy honks?
I think not.
Often times, he doesn't even have to honk.
The truck can drive past the pasture, on the way to get feed, and the cattle come running to the fence.

Is it the way Flower Boy drives?
You know everyone drives differently.
Some faster.
Some slower.
Some with more idle, in the peddle, than actual pressing of the peddle.
The cattle don't really care who is driving.
They hear that truck, their heads come up and they move towards it.

Is it because they smell the cake in the cake feeder?
This can't be the reason.
We have two diesel maroon trucks.
One has the cake feeder, the other has only the bale bed.
Those cattle sook/come to both trucks.

Does it have to do with the time of day in which the truck enters the pasture?
I does not matter WHEN the truck enters, the cattle swarm. 

It is a mystery to me!

When we were kids, My Sissy and I would feed cattle off the back of one of Daddy's old welding trucks.
He put a flat bed on for us to feed from.
We would load that flat bed with square bales of hay, driving from pasture to pasture feeding.
Those cattle always knew that truck too.

True Story...
I have driven past the pasture, where the two weaners are being held, twice a day every day.
For the past two weeks, I have not seen hide nor hair of those two calves, during my drives.
We pulled into the pasture last evening, drive towards the south end and out pop the calves from the trees.

So for today, I will mark this up as an unsolved rancher girl problem!

Have a great Moo Cow Monday!

Rancher Girl

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