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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today He Soars!

A summer of preparation.
Trips away from home.
Late nights without a curfew.
Not having to make the call to check in.
No fears of being in trouble with mom or dad.

Knowing how to juggle school, work and activities.
Never needing to be roused, from your slumber, to head into your day.
Being timely for appointments.
Keeping your own calender.

Always being responsible and mindful of your actions.
Becoming more independent than you already were.

Drew's EGGcelent EGGs has taught you more than you think.
Social Skills
Financial Management
Self Worth

This past week of completing your list of required items.
Dry cleaning dropped off and picked up.
Bedding and towels washed, dried and neatly folded.
Photos placed in frames.

Bags are packed.
Boots are shined.
Ties are tied.

Let's not forget the acquiring of a job.
Working 20 hours per week, while being a full time college student.

Your class schedule and books in your backpack.
Pens, Paper and Calculator.
Your laptop too.

Study habits learned, from concurrent college classes, in high school.
 Graduating high school with honors and awards.
Becoming the leader you were born to be.

You will not be without hurdles, discouragement and disappointment.

You have a never quit attitude.
Your work ethic is beyond measure.
You have a strong mind and body.
Your faith is even stronger.
Today, you not only move into the Alpha Gamma Rho house.
You take your next step into your future.

The AGR Motto is "To make better men."
We can't wait to see what you become.

Your brother has given his advice, guidance and direction.
Dad (Flower Boy) and I have done all we can in raising you to be who you are.

With your truck loaded, head down your new path, and always remember,
Stay True To Yourself
Keep God In Your Heart
Your Family By Your Side
Everything Will Be Okay

Flap those wings, Son!

We Love You!!!
Mom and Dad

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