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Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy Cow Couture

Holy Cow Couture is this amazing little arm candy business I happened on a year or so ago.
I love love love their bags!
Have you ever heard of "the rope purse"?
They are a Rancher Girl's dream!

They make other products too!

Dog Collars
 Travel bags for the guys.
I so want a belt!!

It was late August.
Holy Cow Couture popped up on my Facebook news feed.
I was drooling.
I showed Flower Boy the photos.
He says, "Order it."
SO I DID!!!!

Last Thursday I got a confirmation email.
My Holy Cow bag had shipped!

Saturday, it arrived!
 Flower Boy opened the box!
 I jumped up and down!
 OSU orange on the back!
 Wide enough and deep enough for files and a laptop.
 Love the number tags!
 They have moved to Stillwater!

Today, my bag is making its debut!
I have packed my lunch in it.
Tomorrow, it may be carrying home some work files.
Friday night, it may make it's way around OSU Homecoming Walk Around.
This weekend, it may be on my arm during date night.
I am so excited!

Brittany is awesome to work with!
We emailed several times.
I explained what I wanted and sent her a copy of our brand.
She did great!
Don't you agree?

I can't wait to order my next bag!
Maybe I will order a belt next!
Or both!

Holy Cow Couture is doing a little giveaway through tomorrow.
You should enter and tell them I sent you!
Maybe, we will both win!

Good Luck,
Rancher Girl

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