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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Showing Broiler Chickens

Last week was the Tulsa State Fair Broiler Chicken Show.
Drewman chose his pen of 3 broilers and 2 alternates, then off we went.

We always go to Tulsa the night before the Broiler Show, so we can spend some time with my sissy and her hubby.
Fair Time is always Family Time!
It is always nice to get away from the ranch, for a day or so, and enjoy life outside our own world.
My sissy and her hubby always welcome us.
We stay up late chatting, laughing and catching up.

Check in time comes way too early!
We have to be at the fair grounds before 8am.
After a late night, that is early!

The Broiler Show starts at 1pm!
It is fast and furious!
They call the exhibitor numbers, the showmen line up with their birds, the judge gives them a number and they head back to the pens and wait to see if they are called back.
3 huge birds and 3 showman
These birds are judged mainly on breast size.

The kids spend hours with these birds during the 6-8 weeks they grow them.
The birds do nothing but eat, drink, sleep and poop!
The birds are kept in an air conditioned cool room, with plenty of ventilation.
Their bedding is changed every few days.
The birds have to be stirred and moved around, so they will get up and eat.
You want to grow them as large as possible, with the widest, longest breasted birds chosen as your show pen.
When the birds get to this size, the kids have to be on the look out.
If the birds fall on their sides, they will die!
If they get too hot, they will die!
You want to arrive, at the show, with live birds.
This is the reason you take alternates.

On this day, Drewman did not have the winning pen of broilers.
Not without fail!
There are over 100 pens of birds shown.
To be given a "grade" in the mid to top half of the entire show, one has done well.
Drewman did great!

There was a young man, from our town, that won Reserve Champion with his pen of broilers.

His family means the world to me!
His Great Grandma made us a WOOBIE, after the HOUSE FIRE!
This family isn't special to me because of the woobie.
Although, I love that woobie and it is displayed on the bed in our spare bedroom/office.

When I was a young showman, I use to show their cattle.
They mentored me.
They hauled me to stock shows.
They supported me in everything I set my mind towards.
This family has always had my back!

I believe this family is a major part of my success as a Rancher Girl!
I know they are a major part of why I love the cattle and ranch life!

Years go by...
We all move on...

My Big Boy started showing cattle.
He showed with this little boy's uncles and daddy!
We had a blast with the kids.
Stories were always told of how things were when I was young...
Things I did....
Some stories, I didn't want my children to hear...

Drewman was very young and was always pulled to the Big Boy's shows.
This family was always there to help with Drewman and watch out for him.

Back to the broiler show...
Drewman was helping, this little boy, show his broilers.
(Remember 3 birds and 3 showman)

Drewman did a great job of guiding, directing, coaching, cheering and mentoring, this little guy, during the broiler show.
Those birds are heavy!

I don't know how Drewman felt, but my boy made me proud!
It was a great feeling to watch Drewman give back what I had received from this family!

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Broiler Pens got to sale in the premium sale.
THIS is a big deal!

Although, Drewman didn't have a winning pen of broilers.
He went to Boy's State with the Grand Champion winner.
The winner asked Drewman to take a bird into the sale ring.
Since Drewman had shown one of the Reserve Champion Broilers,
He went into the sale ring with the little guy, too.

You see, showing Broiler Chickens, or any other livestock, isn't about winning the ribbon or trophy.
It is about what you take from the experience and the relationships you gain while you are there.
The ribbon and trophy are just a bonus.

Great Job Kids!

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