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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last night, Flower Boy and I carved a pumpkin.
We picked two, but only carved one.
I want to carve the other with Drewman.
He is at the National FFA Convention this week.
We will carve the other pumpkin when he gets home.
It doesn't matter WHEN you carve a pumpkin.
It only matters THAT you carve a pumpkin.
Do you carve pumpkins with your kids?
It is a tradition in our house. 
Cut open the top!
 Pull out the "guts"!

Have you ever roasted pumpkin seeds?
We haven't!
I'm thinking we should.
I have to admit, I cheated!
I drew a pattern.
Notice I was cutting away from my body?
 We didn't cut all the way through the meat of the pumpkin.
We wanted our brand to glow, from the pumpkin.
 Ready for the candle!
 GLOW it does!
 The green pumpkin on our porch, last night...

I like that you can't see the pumpkin, in the dark.
Just our brand!

Happy Halloween! 

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