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Friday, August 1, 2014

Spiderwebbing & Fog = Communication & Understanding

This morning we woke up to a heavy dense fog.
Flower Boy sent me a text on his way into work saying to be careful because visibility was extremely low.
I waited until the sun came up a little further before I headed out for work.

As I was closing the gate, I spotted this.
 I snapped a few more photos and headed off.

As I drove south, down the highway, there were times the fog seemed to lift and other times I couldn't see a car length in front of me.
I began focusing on the road ahead and completely blocked out anything and everything around me.

Have you ever gotten down a highway, came to a stop and wondered how you got there?

As I turned east, this is what I was driving into.
So very beautiful but yet so very frightening.

The further I drove, the stronger I focused.
I remembered a recent conversation between Flower Boy and myself.

Flower Boy's exact statement to me was,
"I can't spiderweb like you can."
 "I can only focus on one thing at a time." 

No truer statement could have been spoken.
He is right!

Now, I am not bashing men.
I am only understanding.

When I talk or think about things, I am all over the place.
When I am working on a project, my brain storming goes all over the paper.
I'm a list person.
My lists consist of several different subjects and details not related.
I spiderweb!

During our conversations, I bounce from the cattle, to the dogs, to the kids, to something happening at work.
Often times without even pausing to change paragraphs.
I can see where Flower Boy and my conversations can get confusing.

He says he can't keep up.
When he is focused on the cattle, it's just the cattle.
The job is just the job.
Always working towards providing, caring and protecting our family.

I'm not sure I had a real clear understanding of what Flower Boy was telling me until my drive into work this morning.

It's funny how things hit you and you are suddenly no longer in a fog!

It made for a beautiful day!

Rancher Girl

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