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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Fairy Holes

Last night we had a storm roll in.
While setting on the porch watching it roll in, Flower Boy asked me
"Why don't you post MCM/Moo Cow Monday, Texture Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday anymore?"
I hadn't really thought about it, but he is correct.
I haven't!

I would like to say, I've been busy.
Honestly, I have been a bit down with Drewman leaving for college.
Not that I wasn't ready for him to soar.
I have never been an adult without children.
Having The Big Boy at a young age,
I never experienced adulthood as anything other than a parent.
It may be that I am a bit scared of finding a new way for myself.
I know Flower Boy and I have great adventures ahead of ourselves.
 We have so many projects, goals and opportunities on our plate,
I may have to make a spreadsheet to line them all out. 
 It is an exciting time for us.
At the same time, it is frightening.

We have many options to explore.
Lots of hopes and dreams.
Tons of wishes.
It is a whole new world!

Which brings me to today's Texture Tuesday.
Fairy Holes!
 Did you know Fairy Holes are a gateway into another world?
Legend has it that if you discover a Fairy Hole you should leave it alone.
Though it may be tempting, resist doing so.
Garden fairies consider this an act of aggression and may respond in kind, causing havoc in the garden and leaving warning signs throughout.

Have you ever noticed around every Fairy Hole there is always something weird growing?
Do you think the Fairies come out and perch on these little stools?
 Maybe they set here and contemplate their next venture.
Or even decide who their next dusting will be.

I tried really hard to get a photo of the inside of this Fairy Hole.
No luck!
I'm guessing the legend is true and I wasn't going to mess with it!

Here's to our gateway into a new world!
May we be sprinkled with Fairy Dust.
Our wishes granted.
And our dreams come true.

Rancher Girl

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