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Friday, November 7, 2014

You Have Questions

I have been blogging for almost two years and have only posted one blog answering questions.
That blog was actually only answering questions from one reader, a family member.

Normally when a question is posed in the comments, of a blog post, I answer in my reply.

There has been many a question posed via email and in person.
I have been cleaning out my email and thought “You should post some of these questions.  Your readers might enjoy your answers.”

Here goes….


HOW do I do this and make it work?
Normally, I blog during my lunch.  I bring my lunch to work, most days, and I just write.  Let it flow!  Whatever is on my heart.  Some days it’s gloomy, others it’s happy and cheerful.  I try to keep it in the ranch world, puppy world, rural world, but it always turns into some type of inspiration for me (then to others).  Good, bad or indifferent!  I mean, when it comes from your heart, how can it be wrong! 

Do you have a schedule?
I do have Moo Cow Monday, Texture Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday.  Really all that’s left is Thursday and Friday.

Do you just wing it?
I just wing it!

Why do you choose lunch to blog?
Honestly, blogging at lunch keeps me from going OUT to eat ALL the things I DO NOT need to EAT.
After I blog, I feel so much better and normally go for a quick walk.

How do you share and not feel judged?
Just remember, the blog is yours! It is your thoughts!
Who cares what others think!
I promise you will be an inspiration, no matter what you put down. It becomes a confidence thing.  After you get a few under your belt, you will feel it and know what you are putting down isn’t just about you.  Others can and will relate.
My motto…
If our story can be an inspiration to only one person, than I have done my job.

How do I theme my blog?
You don’t have to have a mission or a specific blog…  like some are health, ranch, farm, food…. ONLY.
Be FREE to Be YOU!!!!  And YOU are LOTS of THINGS!!!
I don’t tie myself down to only blogging one subject.  Folks tell me that is what they like about A Building We Shall Go!  We keep it real and true to US.

Do you ever script your blog posts?
Normally, I do not script.
There have been a few.
When I write something that is really heavy on my heart or touching to our family, I will write it and let it set for a bit before posting.

Why is it so important for you and your family to give back?
After our house fire and loss of everything tangible in our lives, things change you. You become a different person. Your views are not that of what they were before your loss.
Things are just things and items are just items. Some things are held to a lessor standard. We all need money to survive. It is what you do with it that changes you.
We have all that we need.
“There is a difference between want and need.”
My boys were raised by that phrase.
You may want something, if it isn’t a need, you have to work and wait for it.
After our loss, reality became need!
Realizing after we were back to normal life, there are many others with needs. We are willing to give up our wants for someone else to have their need.

How do you come up with ideas to blog?
I spiderweb and bounce ideas. 
I may have something in my head to write, then on my way to work, I see something and completely change my subject.
Flower Boy will tell you, I am all over the place during conversation.  I multi task really well and have several different projects going at the same time.
I do not have a problem coming up with ideas!

Do you have a difficult time sharing personal things on your blog?
I have no problem sharing!
I do respect Flower Boy and the kids.  They don’t like their lives open to the public.
Often times, I don’t write the WHOLE story.

Are you always happy and loving life?
Our lives aren’t always a half dozen roses and a box of chocolate covered cherries!
There are times it is blooming ragweed and that box of chocolate covered cherries is melted.
The difference is what we choose to make of it.
We do our best to find the positive in any negative thrown our way.

How do you reach readers?
We use social media for the most part.  There is a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest page. Blogging with Blogger reaches to readers, as well.
I use hashtags. (Something Drewman does not agree with.)  The hashtags reach those audiences searching a specific subject. #ranchlife #blackcows #nature #butterflies #sunrise #fireflies #sunset #lovinlife #germanshepherd #therockinB
I am also a member of several Women in Agriculture groups.  I upload blog posts there, too.
Our famous floor has gotten us the most exposure.  That post alone has had more than 450,000 views.

How many hours do you all work per week?
Both Flower Boy and I have “day jobs”.  We work 40 hours per week at those jobs.
We come home and have our “ranch job” waiting for us.  There is always something to be done.  Mornings, evenings, nights and weekends!
Just last evening, Drewman was home, Flower Boy was replacing a part on the feed truck, I was cooking supper.  We all sat at the table for a meal at 7pm.  Drewman headed back to school, Flower Boy headed to town for additional supplies needed to fix the truck, I cleaned up supper, and then headed out to do chores, returning to the house only to fall asleep on the couch.  It was after 10 when Flower Boy finished the truck.
There are days we receive calls to go home due to an issue or problem.  There are days we miss work or are late due to different issues or problems.  Our vacation days are taken to do work on the ranch.
Life and hours on the ranch NEVER stop!

Thanks to all of our readers!
We have found new friends and built some amazing relationships over these little posts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rancher Girl

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