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Friday, November 14, 2014

Redneck Story of the Week

It's been a while since we have posted a Redneck Story.

Have you ever had a tab come off a can, then you can't get the can open?

THAT is exactly what happened to me!

As you know, most days, I bring my lunch to work.
I hate spending money and eating all the food I shouldn't be eating.
Plus, it is cold here and I don't like to get out in the cold, unless it is to do chores and look at cattle.

Back to the Redneck Story....

Picture this...
In my lunch bag was a can of soup, a few crackers and cheese slices, and a cup of fruit.

Lunchtime hits, I start blogging and decide "I should warm up my soup, whilst I blog".
I get the soup can out of my lunch bag.
The soup can is the kind with a tab.
I pull the tab and it comes off the can of soup!

How does this happen?!?!

No worries, I am a Rancher Girl!
I have the required tools to open my soup.
Required tools...
AND a blinged out pocket knife.

Something you might not know about Rancher/Farm/Country Girls...
We all have pocket knifes!
They may not be in our pocket, but they darn sure are in our purses!
Yes, they are pink or some other girly color and they have bling on them!

I also have the pliers is my desk drawer.
The flat head screwdriver...
I knew exactly where that was too!

I think I am the only person on my floor, at work, that actually knows how to use tools.

No worries....
Soup can opened!!!

Just another reason I am #Thankful4Ag!
Without being raised a Rancher Girl and knowing how to use said tools,
I may have gone hungry!

Speaking of hunger...
Did you know Bayer CropScience is Feeding America?
Bayer CropScience is providing 10 meals to Feeding America, up to 200K meals, every time you use #Thankful4Ag or share a digital meal on

Do your part to help Feeding America!
We are!

Rancher Girl

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