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Friday, November 21, 2014

As Iron Sharpens Iron

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. (NLT) -Proverbs 27:17

This verse was sent to me by a dear friend, this morning.
It has really stuck with me today, confirmed a feeling I have, and provided me with an aha moment.

Last evening, craft night was held at the ranch.
Craft night is something myself and a few girl friends have wanted to do for some time.
We haven't had the time in the past.
Now that the daylight hours have gotten shorter, it has provided us country girls more time indoors during the evening.
There is only so much one can do via flashlight, spotlight and headlight after dark.
 This is a perfect time to start craft night!

Now, none of us want to spend hundreds of dollars on crafts, so we pick something that will use items we might have on hand.
Everyone brings items and we put it all together into something fun and ranchey looking.

We started with burlap, bells,
beads, jute and acorns.

We took our time talking, sharing and brain storming.
Honestly, we had no plan!
 We threw it all in a jar and the ideas started flowing!

Glue the bells to the acorn husks.

Have one of the hubbies turn a couple of wire hangers into a wreath frame.
We could have purchased the frame, but why?

Take the burlap and braid it onto the wire frame.
Make a few burlap flowers.
Tie some jute to the top of one of the larger bells.
Grab a few of the acorn husk bells.
Glue it all together.

I can't wait to hang this on our door!
I also can't wait to host another craft night!


Here's the deal...
God created us to be relational, not isolated. For some of us, our stubbornness or hubris can hurt us by making decisions in our own little world. But receiving Godly advice from a mentor could change the course of your life. Who is your mentor? If you don't know, actively take steps to seek someone out.

 I am so blessed by amazing friends!
They push me outside of my comfort zone and provide me with support I didn't realize I needed.
I love them like sisters and daughters.
These ladies are blessings from God.

Your mentor doesn't always have to be older than you.
Some can be younger and wiser.
They offer advise and give a different point of view.
A mentor will always respect your thoughts, be a listener, help provide solutions and see opportunities.
You will forever be under their protection and in their prayers.
Having a mentor will allow you to scale heights you never thought possible.

If you don't have a mentor,
Getcha one!

If you don't have a group of friends to call your sisters,
Getcha some!

It is a life changing experience!

Rancher Girl

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