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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unexpected "Things" On The Ranch

Today, as I was scrolling through some photos on my phone, I came across some photos that prompted this blog post.

We all expect to see cows, chickens and horses on the ranch.
AND even a little of this...

We have all types of birds that fly over and live on the ranch.
Anyone know what type of bird this is?
I love the colors!

It's also Dove season!
So these guys had better hide!

This next photo is a bit out of focus.
I snapped the photo as this Red Tail Hawk was flying over.
Look what he has in his beak!

Speaking of...
They soon lose their heads!
And tails!
We are careful to bury their heads, because they still carry venom.

We have a few Copper Heads too!
As you can see, they don't live long either.

Because of the snake population in our area, we are always watching where we step.
Therefore, we have come across some other creepy crawlies under our feet.
Scorpions chase you!

Tarantulas do too!

I'm not sure about Centipedes. 
I don't care to find out!

Tree Frogs use to hang out, on the old house kitchen window, late at night.
They are opaque in color, so you can see through them.

This dude was walking down the driveway, last week.
Just out for a stroll!

These guys have been trapped in the ponds.
The state trapper was called in, by the county officials, because the beaver were damming up a bridge, near one of our places.

Then there are the things that make you go... HUMMMM
 The EGGcelent EGG Layers will lay these really small eggs sometimes.

After snapping this photo of Flower Boy fishing, early Saturday morning,
I had to check out what was on the Cottonwood Tree!
This is the same Cottonwood Tree where the Red Tail Hawks perch and the same Cottonwood Tree where we found the first Shrooms of the season.

The Cottonwood Tree is now sporting this!
I am intrigued.

Then there are those awesome sunrise mornings, I blogged about this week.
Along with those are breathtaking sunsets...

 Watched from the same hill as the Date With My Daddy!

All in a list of Unexpected "Things" On The Ranch.

I LOVE being a Rancher Girl!

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