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Monday, September 23, 2013

Leaning Too Far

We have a shed, out back.
It isn't the prettiest shed, but it serves its purpose.
We had, and still do have, plans to take it down, in order to build a new and bigger barn.
For now, this little shed, out back, is going to have to suffice.

Attached to the shed was a lean-to.
This lean-to was leaning too far.
 It had been hit by wind some time back.
It was missing tin and had broken boards.
Along came the house fire and we forgot about the lean-to.

Friday, the lean-to, that was leaning too far, came down!

There was some loose tin on the shed, that had to be nailed down first.

Note:  My fear of heights kept me grounded.
I did however find this beauty while taking photos.
There is just something about this that speaks "Charlotte's Web".

Flower Boy peeled back the tin on the lean-to section of the shed.
 Flower Boy needs new boots!
 He used the sawzall to cut the boards, that attached the lean-to to the remainder of the shed.
 Some of the boards were rotten, due to being exposed to the weather.
 With each cut, of a board, the lean-to leaned a little more.

 After all the boards were cut, Flower Boy made sure the tin was secure on all the boards, of the existing shed.
 He then moved across to remove the boards from the outside posts.

Down it came!
 At this point, I was put to work.
We took the pieces apart.
 We were able to salvage some of the tin.
 The boards...
Not so much.
 The outside poles and gate were also removed.
 After all the debris was cleaned up and hauled off, the shed looks a little better.
We really need a new barn!
Sooner or later, we will have one.
I hope sooner than later.

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