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Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Relay... Another Win!

We haven't blogged much this week because it has been celebration week!
Like we stated in "Farmhand Olympics" it is a very busy and exciting week.
Saturday was the Horse Show.
Monday was the Farmhand Olympics.
Tuesday was the Lamb and Goat Shows.
Wednesday was the Cattle Show.
Thursday was the Swine Show.
Friday, today, is Livestock Judging.
This evening is the Rodeo.
Saturday is the Parade and Rodeo.
Sunday is our "Old Time Service" at church.

Although we aren't exhibiting anything, we still attend and support our local 4-H and FFA kids.
 Flower Boy and I enjoy visiting with everyone, watching all the youth and looking at the exhibits, both in the animal barns and in the women's building.
Oh, the chicken and noodles, taco salad and pies made by the county women's clubs...
 Drewman is there to support his 4-H and FFA Chapter, provide leadership and a helping hand wherever he can.

Before each show there is an event to involve the younger children, the public and the exhibitors.
There was a Dog Show, a Bunny Scramble and a Bucket Calf competition.
There was suppose to be a Hog Calling Contest, but last minute that got changed.
It was changed to a Club Relay.

Flower Boy and I arrived just in the nick of time!

Drewman, Garrett and Colton were competing for their FFA Chapter!
Just like the Farmhand Olympics, these boys don't like to lose!
They are strong competitors in whatever they are involved in, even if it is last minute!

The team was given a mask.
Each event had to be completed wearing the mask.
The FFA Advisor would "talk" them through the event.
It was a down and back event, across the show arena.

Drewman started off the relay by pushing a beach ball down the arena with a wooden pole.

The mask was then handed off to Garrett.
Garrett walked down the arena with an egg on a spoon held in his mouth, turned and made it back up the arena without dropping it!
Mr. Miller, the FFA Advisor, was a great coach!

Colton was then given the mask.
He made his way down the arena, to the garbage bag.
  Colton..... Poor Colton....
The bag was filled with girls clothes!
He had to put them on!
Thankfully, the high heel shoes were too little!
Colton was allowed to carry them back up the arena for the WIN!!!

Each team won a gift card, for their chapter or club, to purchase show supplies.
Thank You, Stillwater Milling Company!

Livestock Judging results have just been posted, while wrapping up this blog post.
Drewman was 9th overall individual in the senior division!
Drewman, Colton and Sammie made up a senior division team.
They placed 2nd overall!
Normally a judging team is made up of 4 individuals and the lowest score is dropped.

Great Job, Kids!

What a great week!

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