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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Farmhand Olympics

This week is Cherokee Strip Celebration Week in our home town!
It is a huge week of community bonding.
We have the county fair, a carnival and a parade, as well as, other activities going on around town.
Families picnic in the courthouse square after the parade.
High school reunions occur during this time, too. 
It is a very busy and exciting week for everyone!

Yesterday afternoon was the start of our busy week.
It was the Farmhand Olympics!
Teams from each of the 4-H and FFA chapters, in the county, participate.

Drewman's chapter had 4 teams!
All four teams placed in the competition!
Drewman and his officer team are proving to be leaders!
Drewman cheers on Donnie and Peyton in the Holy Water Competition.

Each team member competes in an individual event, then the team competes in the relay.
There are four members per team.
Each event is timed.

The individual events are the Holy Water Race, Ropin, Corn Cob Toss and the Corn Stalk Javelin.
Drewman participated in the Holy Water Race.
 Actually, he and Peyton tied for first place and had to do a runoff!
  Drewman's stride is three times that of Peyton's.
That girl is fast!

Hunter competed in the ropin competition for Drewman's team.

Callie roped for the girls team.

Jeffery competed in the Corn Cob Toss for the team.

Jake was the Corn Stalk Javelin participant for the team.

Each one of these boys placed first or second in the individual competition.
Great Job Boys!

  Drewman beat Peyton by a slip in the mud, for first place in the Holy Water Competition!

These two are great friends and loved every second of the rival to win.

The teams then moved on to the relay portion of the Farmhand Olympics.
Mr. Miller, Drewman's FFA Advisor, gives advice to some of the members.

Hunter started Drewman's team off with the Stick Horse Race.
The kids doing the Stick Horse Race had to slip on overalls, a cow bell, a hat and ride the sick horse around three cones.

Followed by Jeffery with the Egg Breaking.
Eggs had to be broken or cracked on their heads and placed into the barrel.

One egg was then passed off for the Egg Carry.
 Jake handled this with ease!
Maneuvering through the hay bales without dropping the egg off the spoon.

Drewman then stacked the bales.

Peyton stacked bales for her team too!
These girls had moves!
They were neck and neck with the boys the entire competition!

The final leg of the relay was to roll a round bale a distance of the course.
NO PROBLEM for these boys!
They moved it faster than a truck could have done!

Drewman's Team WON the Farmhand Olympics!
 Drewman's Team has WON the Farmhand Olympics for the past 6 years!
They had some pressure going into yesterday's games.
We had no doubt these Farmhands couldn't get the job done!
They are great young men!

Prizes were donated by local businesses, banks and organizations.
What a great way to keep these kids involved!
The Farmhand Olympics lets the kids know there are others that care about their future and support them.

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