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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 10 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

I am a week late posting our final week with Ailey Mae's Puppies.
My excuse...
I had strep throat!

It was a pretty mild week with the boys.
We continued with the potty training and simple obedience.
Sit!  Stay!

We introduced the boys to their leashes.
Not happy puppies!
It was like they put themselves in time out.

They got their baths.
Believe it or not, the boys all LOVE the water.

We made our final trip to the vet for their second shots and health check.
 The boys travel really well!

Instead of seeing Dr. Brett, we saw Dr. Dave.
Dave is Our Girl's Daddy.
He is a great guy with lots of questions and a huge amount of advice about the puppies.
He use to raise German Shepherds.

Big Boy weighed in at 23.4 pounds.
Kingston weighed in at 20.3 pounds.
Jazz weighed in at 18.7 pounds.

Dr. Dave was very pleased with their growth and health.
He was excited to hear each puppy had been placed into the proper home for their personality.
He did, however, have some concerns of Big Boy's ears not standing.
Big Boy is the king size puppy of the bunch.
Therefore, the cartilage in his ears are heavier and thicker than Kingston or Jazz's.
Big Boy's ears would have to be massaged in order for them to stand.

After their appointment, we headed home to drop off Kingston and Jazz.
We headed to SE Oklahoma to deliver Big Boy to his new home.
 Big Boy handled the 3 hour trip like a trooper!

He gave us kisses!
He told us how much he loves us and will miss us.
It's a very good thing he did all this in the car, because when we got to his new home, he forgot all about us and went directly to his new momma.
Reports from her are "He hasn't left my side!"

His ears...
They are standing!
Big Boy has a new name.
His momma named him Rugger!

Rugger found the AC vent soon after he arrived in his new house.
Apparently, this is his favorite place to sleep.

Kingston was the next one to leave us.

His new home is in Arkansas, with this little guy and his momma.
Such a cutie!!
This little guy's grandpa had been communicating with me for a few weeks about Kingston.
We are so happy to have placed Kingston with them.
Kignston's name has changed too.
He is now Triton Onyx Mae!

Then there was one...
Jazz went to his new family last Friday.

True to form, Jazz accepted his momma immediately.
 Jazz "The Magnificent" got to travel, for the Labor Day Weekend, to Kansas with his new family, prior to returning back home in SW Oklahoma.
His new family made no hesitation in getting Jazz's AKC registration completed.

Reports from all the new owners are very positive.
The boy's ears are all standing on their own.
Two of the boys are planning to be in the show ring and undergo more formal obedience training.
Flower Boy and I are excited to watch them.
What a great way to get our names out there as breeders.

We do miss the boys, as do Princess Sheba and Ailey Mae.
We have several people still contacting us for puppies.
Thus, we have started a list of potential puppy buyers.
Bring on next spring!

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